18 June 2015

Tangrong Elementary School Students Hunt for Meteorites - Pingtung, Taiwan

唐榮國小學生的尋找隕石之旅 (屏東,台灣)
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Tangrong Elementary School Students
participating in the meteorite hunt-
賴貞霓 Zhen Ni, Lai
張子芊 Zi Qian, Zhang
黃于倢 Yu Jie, Huang
張晧人 Hao Ren, Zhang
林宥婕 You Jie, Lin
張可霓 Ke Ni, Zhang
蔡承恩 Cheng En, Cai

來自日本的隕石專家Dirk Ross於6/13在屏東開了一場隕石研討會(*** link to the lecture ***),會前,屏東縣唐榮國小的7名學生已經在老師陪同下到戶外尋找台灣第一顆微隕石,目前學生收集的樣本由Dirk Ross帶回日本做進一步的分析,分析完成後將會公布結果。研討會上,學生可看到各式各樣的隕石。
 感謝唐榮國小各個教職員工與校長施世治(FB汀雪見晴)。特別感謝替代役男王子安先生(FB Andy Wang)籌辦此活動。

Do you or your school want to participate in a worldwide micrometeorite hunt? Contact me for help.
也想參加微隕石狩獵之旅嗎?這是全世界的活動,歡迎你或你的學校參加! 需要更多訊息請聯絡我。email - LunarMeteoriteHunter@blogspot.com

Tangrong Elementary School Students Hunt for Micrometeorites
  Pingtung, Taiwan   Seven Tang Long Elementary School students and their teachers with school staff  took a field trip to hunt for micrometeorites in the hopes of finding Taiwan's first meteorites prior to a lecture about meteorites given by Dirk Ross, a meteorite researcher from Japan, at the Ping Tung, Taiwan 2015 International Meteorite Lecture and Meeting -2015屏東國際隕石研討會前精彩的表演 held on June 13, 2015. Results of the students hunting will be announced once analysis has been performed by Dirk Ross on their collected samples.  Students at the lecture and meeting were able to view meteorites and micrometeorites.
  Thank you to the Tangrong Elementary School teachers and staff, as well as Principal Ting Sha Jen Chin(汀雪見晴). Special thanks to Mr. Andy Wang for coordinating this event.

2015 The SECOND Year of "CERTAIN Uncertainty" ™ / Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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