29 June 2015

Breaking News - GA AL TN FL NC SC KY WV Major Space Debris Event 29JUN2015

Breaking News Story - GA AL TN FL NC SC KY WV Major Space Trash Debris Event Apprx. 0130 EDT / 0030 Central / 05:29:30 UTC 29JUN2015
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 7 Videos; and photos not all posted -check back
Seen for a total flight of approximately 600 miles! 8 STATES
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GA AL TN FL NC SC KY WV Major Space Trash Event 29JUN2015
Red Line Indicates Refined Estimated Trajectory
v.6 c2014 Dirk Ross / Google Earth
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Source- NASA, Dr. Bill Cooke / Dirk Ross / LunarMeteoriteHunter, Tokyo
"... Very slow mover (~6.5 km/s) at around 05:29:30 UTC; multiple fragments. Looks like a reentry to me."
Bill Cooke, NASA
Video 1
Video provide by NASA, Dr. Bill Cooke to Dirk Ross / LunarMeteoriteHunter, Tokyo

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Graphic of  06939 Debris Decay Data, Trajectory and Image.
c2015 Jango F. / LunarMeteoriteHunter, Japan
Soviet spent rocket Object 06939 SL-6 R/B(2) International designator 1973-084D is marked for decay with a T.I.P. (Trajectory Impact Prediction) for a decay epoch of 2015-06-29 04:12 UTC. However the rocket may have traveled an extra loop of our planet and decayed over the USA.
Launched in 1972 it put Kosmos 606 in orbit. Simulation of trajectory with last available element set;
1 06939U 73084D 15180.17652177 .99999999 98094-5 18386-1 0 9994
2 06939 060.9340 254.9819 0366870 074.5130 017.2099 15.64920780310575
coincidentally puts it over the US during the "meteor" event witnessed.
- J.F.
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"pic took it while driving with high beams on also it crossed in front of me I'm facing south coming from Hot Springs toward Marshall, NC on 25/70 Hwy"
c2015 Colton / LunarMeteoriteHunter

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"At around 1:30am on june 29th there was a fireball that appeared in the sky. It lasted about 20secs, breaking apart and leaving orange and white streaks in the sky as it went."
c2015 S. Dunn / LunarMeteoriteHunter
Video 2

"Coming from Dothan Al
I was facing the parking lot area noticed it at 12:30 and it traveled quite fast behind the building going towards Ga" -Video by Ashley G.

Video 3
Meteor fireball spotted in the skies over Atlanta
Posted to YouTube by NewsChannel 29 views

Video 4
Streaks of light across Atlanta sky 1:30 AM 6/29/15
Posted to YouTube by Kristin Allmer 313 views

Video 5
Meteor sighting over north Georgia (6/29 1:29 am)
Posted to YouTube by B Reed 335 views

Video 6
Brilliant Object Seen in Southeast US - Not a Meteor | Video
Posted to YouTube by CoconutScienceLab 161 views

There is a very strong possibility that this was a space trash re-entry...
Advise DO NOT TOUCH DEBRIS or Approach - Potential Hazard! Materials DID likely survive re-entry! Found Space Trash Debris?- Emergency Response Tele - Patrick Air Force Base at 321-494-7001 or contact your nearest local law enforcement official.

Report your meteor sightings please
Please help get the word about this event so that we might recover security camera video or cell phone captures; spread the word about this website via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, GLP, SOTT and your favorite forums; contact your local news outlets; thank you!
PHOTOS AND VIDEO WANTED only contact- LunarMeteoriteHunter@gmail.com

Initial Sighting Reports-
29JUN2015 Tom M. ELLIJAY, GEORGIA, US 01:45/EDT 20 Seconds SW to NE. Moved from my right to left as I faced SE. Bright white Bright as Jupiter. Very white in color. Yes. Head appeared fragmented, and several smaller objects closely followed the main part. I was facing SE and the object moved across my field of view from right to left. Seemed to be descending. No noise.

29JUN2015 ashley crestview Florida United states 12:40am est like 30-40 seconds right to left looked really long white with blue and purple like white looked sparkling never seen this before

29JUN2015 The hauns Andalusia Alabama usa 12:35 25 sec South to. North Yellow with orange tail Like a meteor shower No Long streaking beautiful

29JUN2015 Telynn and Mark Stewart Salem, Alabama 01:35 am 20 sec S-N Bright Orange large tail looked like it was on fire Sun Yes No

29JUN2015 Kim Laforge Strawberry Plains TN 1:34 16 seconds SE to NW right to left and I was facing east Bright amber gold with good tail behind. I didn't hear anything. Moon 6 pieces one larger started the front then smaller pieces around it I did not have time to go into my house to get phone for video

29JUN2015 Josphe quinn Sc- greenwood lake 1:33 am 60sec SW to NE Orange,purple, blue, fire Moon Yes On fire

29JUN2015 Andy Dolan orange beach AL. USA 12:32 central am 8-10 sec Eastern /northeast/ two fireballs with debris tracking in same path yellowish in color yes slow moving amazing one of the best I've ever seen

29JUN2015 Michael Sawyer taylorsville, north Carolina 1:31am 20 to 25 seconds north west whitish with long trail of sparks behind it venus yes from NW to SE

29JUN2015 BILL FREEMAN Bristol, TN 13:30 edt At least 20 seconds Southwest to Northeast Intense white light that cast shadows followed by breakup into at least a dozen multicolored pieces. Continued across sky lasting over 20 seconds Brighter than venus Definitely a bolide I was night fishing on South Holston lake in east Tennessee - brightest bolide I have ever seen

29JUN2015 Monique Between Ridge Spring, SC and Aiken, South Carolina 1:30am 30-40 traveling across sky West on 1-20. It was going somewhat north Didn't hear sound. Bright color pretty bright as star with smoke trailing It was large then became fragmented as traveled Pretty.

29JUN2015 AMANDA TAYLORSVILLE NC, USA 1:30, EASTERN, AM 12 SEC SW/NE--N LEFT to RIGHT ORANGE IN COLOR Venus small fragmentation There were at least 2 objects, and they had long tails.

29JUN2015 Jennifer Bladorn Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States of America 12:30 pm 15 seconds and then went into clouds on the horizon and came back out for about 2 or 3 seconds Facing south... Traveling southwest to northeast 3 fireballs with a huge tail ..orange in color and slight noise like a small plane. Bright like a fire in the sky. Not as much as sun or moon ... And going very fast. Looked like a airplane on fire Sparks were flying but it stayed together. Looked like a pic of a comet ...4 witnessed with us

29JUN2015 Emily Bay County Florida 12:30 Central 8 seconds Straight Down Facing NW On fire Moon No I did not get to take a picture, but it was falling straight down at a rapid speed

29JUN2015 Nicholas Cammarata Buford, GA 01:25 AM 15-20 sec 111*E^-5*1973 / 34*05'42N 83*5829"W Saw a steam of a bright cluster of mass moving across the sky from right to left. Started out more blue white in color and one body mass. As it moved across the sky it broke up into maybe 5 or 6 separate masses with a blue white orange bright streaks. The colors grew more intense as it moved. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! moon yes Ironically neither one of us cared to grab our phones. It wasn't something to take your eyes away. My friend watched it with me as we were walking to his car. The size of the mass was quite large compared to anything else I have seen. I am sure others saw it too.

All 40Sighting Reports-

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Unknown said...

1:00 AM June 29 left to right looking west near columbia SC 1 fireball that broke into 3 thought it was a plane on fire

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more up to date news of linking the sightings to a Russian rocket object from years ago in re-entry to the earth...