14 April 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 14APR2015

Asteroid size of Statue of Liberty 'on collision course with Earth'
Researchers visiting villages in the area found a region of shock-wave damage extending some 50 miles on either side of the meteor's trajectory path.

Meteorites key to the story of Earth's layers
PhysOrg - 5 hours
A new analysis of the chemical make-up of meteorites has helped scientists work out when the Earth formed its layers.

Briny Water May Pool in Mars' Equatorial Soil
Discovery News - 8 hours
Mars may be a frigid desert, but perchlorate salts in the planet’s soil are lowering the freezing temperature of water, setting up conditions ..

This Molecule Could've Created the Backbone of DNA and Helped to Kick-Start Life
Popular Mechanics
Taken together, different formamide-meteor combinations produced everything from sugary glucose to fatty glycerol—a wide-ranging list of more than ...

Jeptha's Knob - Volcanic Bump or Meteor Strike?
Bed & Breakfast Association of Kentucky
Jeptha's Knob in Kentucky's Bluegrass Region was long thought to be cryptovolcanic but now appears to be evidence of an ancient, massive ..

Scientists look to dinosaur-killing meteor for extinction mysteries
Science Recorder
For the first time ever, scientists are going to extract sample from the Chicxulub crater in order to explore what happened to the dinosaurs. Scientists ...

Austrália registra a descoberta da maior área de impacto de um asteroide
Cientistas da Austrália descobriram algo incrível, o que dizem ser a maior área de impacto de aster...

Researchers Determine the Origin of Annama Meteorite
An international team led by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) has determined the orbit o...

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