22 April 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 22APR2015

Lyrid Meteor Shower in 2015
Sky & Telescope
This month's Lyrid meteor shower isn't one of the year's strongest displays, but the Moon is only a thin, waxing crescent and so won't offer much ...

Asteroid just missed Earth Tuesday morning
The shock wave from that 2013 asteroid – now called the Chelyabinskmeteor for the region in Russia it affected – broke windows in some 7,200 ...

Lyrids Meteor Shower 2015
Astronomers Without Borders
PL astronomy club will hold a meteor observations on 22 April 2015 to 23 April 2015. Themeteor shower observation involves some amateur ...

Italy Fireball Meteor 20APR2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Italy Fireball Meteor 032949 UT 20APR2015 ... Breaking News - Ontario Canada MeteorApprx. 0318 Eastern 26MAR2014 "click on image to enlarge" ...

How you can see spectacular meteor shower over Gwent
South Wales Argus
A GWENT astronomy enthusiast is encouraging people to take a look up at the skies this week to see one of the oldest known meteorshowers.

Study shines new light on the source of diamonds
PhysOrg - 13 hours
A team of specialists from four Australian universities, including the University of Western Australia, has established the exact source of a ...

Lyrid meteor shower to peak on Thursday
Times of India
PUNE: A spectacle awaits stargazers midweek when the Lyridmeteor shower, commonly known as shooting stars, is expected to peak at 5.30am on ...

How to Watch the Lyrid Meteor Shower This Week
The annual Lyrid meteor shower occurs from April 16 to 25, but the best time to see it will be right before dawn on April 22 and 23, according to Slooh, ...

Auroras, Lyrid meteor shower make for an exciting week ahead
Astro Bob
Then, starting Wednesday and continuing through Thursday morning the annual Lyridmeteor will salt and pepper the sky with meteors. We've waited ...

Good viewing conditions expected in Iowa for meteor shower
The meteor shower is caused by Earth running into a stream of debris from the periodic Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher in mid-April each year. The Lyrids ...

Heads up! Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks Wednesday
The Lyrid Meteor shower will reach its peak on Wednesday when as many as 20 meteors per hour are expected to whiz through the night sky. ...

Everything You Need to Know to Catch This Week's Lyrid Meteor Shower
This year's Lyrid meteor shower is expected to peak between midnight and dawn on Wednesday, April 22 and Thursday, April 23rd. Here's what you ...

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks
Long Island Pulse Magazine
Watch the skis this week for the celestial version of April showers. The annual Lyrid meteor shower is taking place, peaking on the mornings of either ...

Live Coverage of the Lyrids Meteor Shower April 21st 2015
Live Celestial Lyrid Meteor Shower til Dawn!!! ... 2015 April TOP SKY EVENTS - Lyrids Meteor Shower, Blood Moon Time Lapse, Eyes On the Skies ...

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Wednesday With 'Unpredictable'
Good Morning America - Yahoo
All it takes to view the meteor shower is an unobstructed view of the sky away from artificial lights. NASA recommends bringing a lawn chair or blanket, ...

Look up! Here comes the Lyrid meteor shower
The Lyrids, April's top meteor shower, is expected to peak over the next couple of nights. The best time to see the shower will be just before dawn on ...

New Near Earth Asteroid Buzzing Earth Today, CME Impact & Lyrid Meteor Shower
Earth is entering a stream of debris from Comet Thatcher, source of the annual Lyrid meteor shower. If forecasters are correct, the shower will peak on ..

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