27 April 2015

UK Meteor 26APR2015 w/ 3 videos

Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Mull, England- UK Meteor 22.10 BST 26APR2015 w/ 3 videos
45 reports
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Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, England- UK Meteor 22.10 BST 26APR2015
 v5  c2015 Dirk Ross / Google Earth
--- Video 1
UK Fireball Meteor on 26 April 2015 at 2210
Posted to YouTube by UK Meteor Observation Network , Portadown, Co Armagh 2,046 views

--- Video 2
Fireball on 26 April 2015 at 22:10 from Wilcot
Posted to YouTube by UK Meteor Observation Network 801 views
--- Video 3

Meteor or Falling Debris over Warrington, Cheshire, England
Posted to YouTube by fedster187 2,218 views

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Initial Sighting Reports-
26APR2015 Ian Motley chesterfield derbyshire england uk 22.1 4 seconds max s,w n iwasfaceing to the west yellow turning to red as it broke up.blue flash before sighting. sun then red breaking up as it went over horizon none

26APR2015 Dave Pearce Portadown N.Ireland 22.1 10 secs S-N I was facing north White star like then orange tail Moon or bright star Orange trail then bang Fast star like with an orange trial the bang like a firework

26APR2015 David Smith caste douglas scotland 22.1 3-4 sec e-w orange-white moon yes none

26APR2015 Tim Castle dawson, Co.Londonderry 22:15 BST 10 secs approx Traveled West To East Very Bright white head with long white tail. No smoke trail, No noise. Dimmed in brightness and head dispersed into several orange balls that dimmed as they fell Brighter than the moon no fragmentation until dimmed and changed colour. I am 44 years old and that was the brightest i have ever seen. Seemed very close. Was expecting to hear noise or a sonic boom but no noise heard

26APR2015 Jim Dawson bath gate west lothian scotland 22.12 4secs east to west I was facing west white no sound moon not that I could see excellent

26APR2015 Phil Holmes Isle of Man App. 22.10 5secs Over St John's towards Peel. Fire Large Flaming object No fragments Large fast Flaming object

26APR2015 G Goudie Bearsden Glasgow, Scotland 2220 2-3 seconds West, to North of Moon White Bright as Moon No Looked like falling rocket

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