24 April 2015

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24APR2015

Japan Meteor 22APR2015
Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News
Click Image Camera Capture From Ishikawa, Japan Meteor 0334 JST 22APR2015 c 2015 H.Yamakawa / SonotaCo ...

Falling meteor may have changed the course of Christianity
New Scientist
He says the biblical descriptions of Paul's experience closely match accounts of the fireball meteor seen above Chelyabinsk, Russia Movie Camera ...

Chelyabinsk-like fireball may have made Paul the Apostle convert
Daily Mail - 14 hours
An astronomer at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona, claims that Paul the Apostle may have experienced a vision caused by a ...

Photosynthesis has unique isotopic signature
PhysOrg - 5 hours
Photosynthesis leaves behind a unique calling card, a chemical signature that is spelled out with stable oxygen isotopes, according to a new ...

Annual Lyrid Meteor Shower Lights Up Night Sky
NBC News
NBC News Stop-motion video captures striking images of the annual Lyrid meteor shower over northeastern China. Published April 23rd 2015, 8:03 ...

Spectacular meteor shower over mountains
Watch the video Spectacular meteor shower over mountains on Yahoo UK. The annual Lyrid meteor shower lit up the night sky over Changbai ...

Radio Meteor Detector - Lyriad Meteor
Stargazers Lounge
Radio Meteor Detector - Lyriad Meteor - posted in Radio Astronomy and Spectroscopy: Here is a quick waterfall screen grab from my Radio Meteor ...

Astronomer captures image of shooting star as Lyrid display lights up the night
Daily Mail
... above Pitcaple in Aberdeenshire yesterday as photographer Graeme Whipps picked up two meteors which were part of the Lyridmeteor shower.

Lyrid Meteor Shower's Peak Captured in Stunning Photos
Photographers in the western United States captured gorgeous shots of this year's Lyrid meteor shower, which peaked Wednesday night and early ...

Meteor Activity Outlook for April 25-May 1, 2015
American Meteor Society
As the week progresses the moon will interfere more and more with meteor observing as it waxes and sets later each morning. By the end of the week ...

Meteor Shower: Shooting Stars Illuminated Thanlyin Skies
Myanmar International TV
Thanlyin skies were illuminated by a Lyrid meteor shower on Wednesday night. On April 22 to 23, the Earth will pass through a stream of debris from ...

Watch Meteor Shower As Earth Passes Through Comet's Tail
NBC News
Timelapse video captures the Lyrid meteor shower in the night sky above China. The annual show is caused by Earth passing through the dusty tail of ...

Lyrid meteor shower above Florida
Cool timelapse footage has emerged of the Lyrids meteor shower appearing in the skies above Florida,...

China: Lyrid meteor shower creates dazzling display in skies
International Business Time India
The annual Lyrid meteor shower lit up the night sky over Changbai Mountain in northeast Chinas Jilin Province on Wednesday and was recorded by ...

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