07 April 2015

Slovakia / Hungary Bolide Meteor Rákospalota felett 06APR2015 w/ videos

Slovakia / Hungary Bolide Meteor Rákospalota felett 18:31 Local / 19:31UT  06APR2015 w /videos
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Magyar meteorit! Tűzgolyó Miskolc felett
Sonics with Fragmentation!  Maybe Meteorites!  Hungarian METEORRATs be ready for Scramble!
METRATs; Message... We have Cheese on the ground...!
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Seismic Data at time of event
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Map of Slovakian / Hungarian  Visitors Following Story
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Budapest, Hungary Bolide Meteor Rákospalota felett 18:30 Local 06APR2015

Video 1- Budapest, Hungary

Meteor Rákospalota felett 06.04.2015
Posted  to YouTube by stunczer 301 views

Video 2- Kocice, Hungary Kocice, Hungary- Vesmírny objekt nad Košicami
Posted to YouTube by Viktor W 301 views

Video 3- Meteor 2015.04.06.
Posted to YouTube by Péter Bali 12,680 views

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NEWS Reports- 
Tűzgolyó Miskolc felett - Estihirlap
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14 hours ago - A tűzgömb hétfőn este fél 8 körül bukkant fel Miskolc felett az égen, mennydörgésszerű hang kíséretében – ezt Mizser Attila, a MagyarCsillagászati Egyesület ...
---The fireball appeared Monday evening around 8 up over half of Miskolc in the sky, accompanied by thunderous sound - Attila Mizsér this, General Secretary of the Hungarian Astronomical Association also confirmed. ...

  Today has reported a very brigh sonic-boomed fireball over Hungary at 19:31UT in the daylight sky.
Directly is from NE to SW over city of Miskolc NE cityside. A lot of eyewitness reported
sonic- boom and very bright green flashed fireball. Trajectory calculate is going.
Brightness: mid of Moon and Sun.
I attached the preliminary trajectory and some images of fireball.
Best Regards!
Zsolt Kereszty

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