18 April 2015

Ontario, Canada Meteor/s 17APR2015

Ontario, Canada Meteor/s 17APR2015

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Initial Sighting Reports-

17APR2015 Chris L Waterloo Ontario CANADA Approx 2200 Hrs EST 3 + sec. E - SSW 10 o'clock High Yellow + green Bright Moon Trailing tail fairly long some small fragmentation Bright, Med. size, going from 10 high to low SSW

17APR2015 Dave Koudys Fonthill,Ont. Canada around 22:00 4 seconds that I seen N to S Huge bright white Smaller than moon. About 33% of its size. Round front with jagged taill Headed towards Lake Erie or further south. Disappeared before dropping to neighbours tree line.

17APR2015 Stetson Trenton, Ontario, Canada 2135 1 second Seen SWW heading SWW down Bright large white no sound Brighter and large than any star Tail with tracer like fragmentation Largest I have ever seen

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