21 April 2015

उल्का-पिंड Delhi, India Meteor 18APR2015 w/smoke and fragmentation reported

उल्का-पिंड Delhi, India Meteor 01:14 Local 18APR2015 w/smoke and fragmentation reported

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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
18APR2015 Abhinav Singhai Delhi, India 1:14:00 2sec S-W (was face south-west) Whole sky lit up like anything accompanied by green light and smoke bright as moon it split up in many fragments Friend of mine confirmed the same bolide being seen from Sariska, India at the same time.

Akanksha Tungalia wrote...

sir,My name is Akanksha Tungalia from India.On 17/4/2015 i saw a comet like thing in the sky at 9:35 pm. Pleas kindly give me information about it. I am a student.

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