18 April 2015

PA MD VA NY Green Meteor 17APR2015

PA MD VA NY Green Meteor 2100 EDT 17APR2015 - FEMA Region III

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Initial Sighting Reports-
17APR2015 melanie Brookeville, MD, USA 9PM 3 seconds East to North fireball/some green moon Didn't notice fragmentation no other observations

17APR2015 Katie Exton, PA 21:00:00 3sec United States orange then green moon no fragmentation I was out looking at the planets in the Western sky and the object flashed above me heading West

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Akanksha Tungalia said...

sir,My name is Akanksha Tungalia from India.On 17/4/2015 i saw a comet like thing in the sky at 9:35 pm. Pleas kindly give me information about it. I am a student.

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

Hello, Akanksha Tungalia
I have no reports related to what you saw. Your information has been posted-