17 April 2015

Brazil Fast Earth-grazer Meteor 08APR2015

Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil Fast Earth-grazer Meteor 08APR2015

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Campinas, São Paulo, Brasil Fast Earth-grazer Meteor 08APR2015
image credit - Julio Lobo

Video slowed down 8X

Cópia de M20150408 220654 OMCJN NW
Posted to YouTube by Julio Lobo 27 views

South America, cam is located at Latitude 22S Longitude 46W
Camera Samsung scb 2000 NW Municipal Observatory of Campinas.
Campinas is 90kms from Sao Paulo
Projeto Campinas Observatory Meteor and Sprite Survelliance
Azimuth for the cam is 327 degrees, Elevation = 45 degrees
Local time is UTC -3h = 19:06 BRT

Original Speed
Cópia de M20150408 220654 OMCJN NW
Posted to YouTube by Julio Lobo 25 views

For More Information About Earth-grazer Meteors
Wikipedia entry-

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