19 April 2015

New Mexico 13 Sec Meteor 12APR2015 w/ video/photo

New Mexico 13 Sec Meteor 12APR2015  w/ video/photo

New Mexico 13 Sec Meteor 12APR2015
c2015 Thomas Ashcraft
Caught a 13 second fireball - eastern New Mexico April 12 2015 0249:20UT ( Saturday evening April 11 2015 8:49:20 pm MDT )

I caught this meteor on my sprite/TLE modified dslr camera while shooting continuous 3.2 second exposures. It comprised four separate exposures. I also caught a portion of the meteor on my Watec sprite
video cam with possible low frequency radio emissions at 2.5 MHz. Not sure about this but the meteor passed right through my antenna beam and possibly produced some "buzz".
-Thomas Ashcraft New Mexico

Composite near-infrared image and video here: http://www.heliotown.com/Fireball_April_12_2015.html

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