26 March 2014

Utah Meteor 22MAR2014

Utah Meteor Apprx. 2200/MDT 22MAR2014
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Utah Meteor Apprx. 2200/MDT 22MAR2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
22MAR2014 Jane Townsend Salt Lake City, UT USA 2200/MDT 3-4 sec W-E, left to right, facing north bright white slightly brighter than Venus no located to north/northeast of my location

22MAR2014 Travis SLC, utah 21:35 PM Mountain TIme maybe 3-4 seconds SLC ut Heading South East Left to right I was facing NOrth Color was mostly green and white Bright green trail and some white Not that I could see Unfortunately it happened so fast

Emailed Report-
So my sister and I saw what we thought was the largest meteor either of us have ever seen the weekend past. I have been searching and searching and I have yet to find one news report on it. I was wondering if you've found any reports. Last Saturday, march 22,2014 at approximately 9:55 pm in Bountiful, UT we sighted it. I was driving and about recked my car it looked so close it could've hit the earth. I was facing north and I watched the meteor fall and it looked like it exploded... it disappeared for a split second then began where it disappeared again and continued to fall. It again disappeared what seemed rather close to the earth. This was one of the most incredible things my sister and I have ever seen, and I am hoping you know more about it! Thanks
Tiffany N

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