08 March 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 08MAR2014

Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: The Latest WorldwideMeteor/Meteorite News 07MAR2014
Local man Thomas Ashcraft captured the fireball with an automated camera, and caught the sound of the strike with a forward-scatter meteor radar.

Bright meteor flies over New Mexico, Rattles Homes » - End Time Headlinesendtimeheadlines.org
METEOR (1) Some lucky New Mexico stargazers spotted a bright fireball in the sky just after midnight on Thursday. Initial reports of the meteor sighting ...

Meteor Madness - Video - National Geographic
As a meteor pierces through the Earth's atmosphere in Russia, people brace themselves for impact.

Japan Fireball Meteor 08MAR2014 - 2014年3月8日1時14分27秒
There was a fireball meteor over the near Imabari in Shikoku, the fireball of -4.4, etc.. is thought to have been an SPO. 四国の今治市付近の上空と思わ ...

Mars meteorite could solve mysteries of Red Planet
New Kerala - 10 hours
Washington, March 7 : A piece of rock that found its way from Mars to a desert in northwest Africa may help reveal the history and evolution ...

Most Mars meteorites may be from same giant crater
New Scientist - 6 hours
Fresh evidence hints that most Martian rocks found on Earth could be from the same ancient terrain, but the claim has set off a firestorm ...

Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaurs
?Scientific American - 1 hour
The solar system's periodic passage through a "dark disk" on the galactic plane could trigger comet bombardments that would cause mass ...

Spring is fireball season
It's fireball season — a time of year when bright meteors appear in greater number ... evening fireballsseem to peak this time of year from the Northern ...

Russia meteor strike NOVA 2013 - YouTube
youtube.com ⋅ 52:07
HD Russia Meteor Impact 2013 Meteor Strike Fireball From Space ... Meteor Strike - Target Chelyabinsk by Pioneer Productions 1,742 views · 0:40

5 Things We Learned From NASA's Meteor Experts
ABC News
How likely is it that a meteor could wipe out the human race? Does the government have a plan to deal with this crisis? What's your favorite space ...

IMO Complete Meteor Data for 2013
The complete 2013 data set of the IMO network has been finally approved and uploaded to the homepage of the IMO network at http://www.imonet.org. Now the database comprised 1,766,885 single-station meteors, recorded in 5,008 nights and 412,604 hours of of effective observing time. Happy data mining. :)
Sirko Molau

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