06 March 2014

Breaking News - NC VA MD Meteor 05MAR2014

Breaking News - NC VA MD Meteor approx 2330 EST 05MAR2014
NC VA MD Meteor approx 2330 EST 05MAR2014
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Report your meteor sightings please-
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
05MAR2014 Andrea Jones Greensboro, NC, USA 23:30:00 EST3-4 seconds approx. W-E or Left to Right wide bright streak very bright and striking straight wide line with broken pieces in its tail Much bigger than shooting star, went off behind the trees, no sound

05MAR2014 Laz Newcastle Virginia 24127 United States 23:10 Est. 3 facing east. direction was from northwest to south east at about a twelve to fifteen degree angle ? primarily red and orange very bright, sun like but much smaller no it had a very long tail about one third of the sky. the whole thing was a very deep red orange and did not change colors before it went out. it was super clear and super bright and at a very shallow angle.

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