22 March 2014

Breaking News -Western Australia Fireball Meteor Approx. 0120 Local 21MAR2014

Breaking News -Western Australia Fireball Meteor Approx. 0120 Local  21MAR2014
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Western Australia Fireball Meteor Approx. 0120 Local  21MAR2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
21MAR2014 rhett Kalgoorlie WA Australia 1:30:00 5sec north bluey, green sun no nil

21MAR2014 John Lowdon kalgoolie, Australia /70km north east of 1.21am 4to5 seconds South Massive lighting light up the whole sky then a trail of red flames behind Sun No Never seen anything like it before

21MAR2014 Damian Laverton, Western Australia 01:20am local time 3-4 sec Location NE Left to Right Greenish Flash in the sky (like lightning) then I looked up and saw Meteor burning up moon yes orange tail It burnt out fast

21MAR2014 Trent Freeman Kalgoorlie Western Australia 117 between 10-20 seconds wnw-ese green blue. massive ball of light, then exploding like fireworks. kept going massive tail. similar to the Russian event last year. unfortunately due to where i was i woukd not of heard sound. gokd processing plant as bright as lightning i guess when it hit tge atmosphere thats when i look like fireworks, except it stayed relatively the same size. i woukd have to say similar to the size of a basketball from where i was. aporox 15 m from the ground have csmera surveillance footage of the light passing over my residence. looked like daylight. threw shadows on the ground and surrounding areas

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