19 March 2014

Breaking News -Texas Daytime Meteor 18MAR2014

Breaking News -Texas Daytime Meteor Approx. 03'10 PM CDT 18MAR2014
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Texas Daytime Meteor Approx. 03'10 PM CDT 18MAR2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
18MAR2014 Amy Grand Prairie, TX 15:15 central time zone dst 1-2 sec I was facing west and saw lights streak in an arch headed south. Flash of blue green light Not as bright as sun, but similar to firework Not determined I was surprised to see this in the afternoon. The sun was over my left shoulder and the sky was already bright. I thought something was falling but the image disappeared before anything would have hit the ground.

18MAR2014 Lonnie McFaul Dallas, TX 15:15:00 4-6 sec E-W at a slight downward angle. white and blue brighter part of the moon some parts sparkled as they broke off The main piece still intact

18MAR2014 Raghav Venkataramanan Frisco, Texas, USA 15:11 Central USA PM 1-2 seconds N-S, facing west White light ball zooming very fast Brighter than our sky, very visible. Not as bright as the sun. It was in one piece. The meteor's course ended. It was a bright light that ended its course.

18MAR2014 Isaias Garza Jr. Brownwood, Texas 1510 3-4 seconds W-E, I was facing North orange to white like zinc as bright as zinc burning just a trail before burning out did not hear just saw and looked like it was not far from where I was located

18MAR2014 Shawn Moore Proctor, Texas 1500PM central time 1-2 seconds at most left to right about 1to 2 second, I was driving north east on hwy. 377 , the strike came almost directly from the direction of the sun turquoise colored tail head went from red to white Venus none none

18MAR2014 Kurt Irving, TX 1500PM central time 1.5 United States White/Blue streak through atmosphere Bright. Not as much as sun. Observed clearly during clear blue sky day. None noticed Short streak across sky. White path, bright ball at leading edge. Blue to yellow rim.
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