06 March 2014

Breaking News - NM AZ CO Large Fireball Meteor 06MAR2014 Videos

Breaking News -NM AZ CO Large Fireball Meteor 00:29:19 am MST 06MAR2014 -- 3 videos posted.
NM AZ CO Large Fireball Meteor 00:29:19 am MST 06MAR2014
v.1 c2014 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth

Significant Fireball March 06 2014 New Mexico Preliminary Report 
 Thomas Ashcraft on Vimeo.

Payson, AZ Sandia Sentinel Allsky

RAW VIDEO: Bright meteor flies over Albuquerque
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
On 3/6/14 1:43 27000, Thomas Ashcraft wrote:
March 06 2014 I captured a large fireball over north central New Mexico at 0729:19 UT +/- 2 seconds. (00:29:19 am MST). As bright or brighter than the full Moon. Possibly brighter. I will process it in the morning and post the movie. This one should have been captured well on Albuquerque cameras and might have been right over Albuquerque heading westerly. End point might have been western New Mexico or it might have crossed over the Arizona border. Hard to say from one camera view. Big one at least.
Thomas Ashcraft
Thank you Thomas for your report and continued efforts with Sandia Sentinel Allsky.

06MAR2014 Carl Wilson Phoenix Az 0030 am aprox 8 secs se heading nw - facing east yellowwhite then burst into a huge blast of white bright as the moon seems to explode into a larger fireball about 9 0clock above the ground seems to mirror observation from person in NM sighting

06MAR2014 Everett Berthoud, Co 0:29:00 MST 6 Secs N-S Green very bright, not as bright as the sun but still way brighter than a planet very tiny ones yes no photos, very short durration and lit up in large bursts until disaperaing. Was located above the southern horizon.

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Anita said...

April 12, 9:10pm I was traveling south on Girard, near Coal and I saw a large red fireball.
It was a large red flaming ball in the clouds. I thought a bomb was bursting—or maybe fireworks. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Anita Amstutz