24 March 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 24MAR2014

Fireball meteor spotted - The Astro Lounge - Stargazers Lounge
SGL New Topics
Fireball meteor spotted - posted in The Astro Lounge: About 8pm I witnessed a fireball break up in the sky heading northeast from Ursa Major. Roughly ...

Video: Ontario residents gear up for meteorite hunt - The Globe and Mail
Dozens of people set-off on a treasure hunt today in search of fragments of a meteorite that crashed near Southern Ontario on Tuesday.

Astronaut's 'Taste The Stars' Dinner Menu Features Real Meteorite Sauce
SPACE.com - 10 hours
An astronaut has brought the taste of space down to Earth while elevating space food to new heights. Franklin Chang Diaz, a veteran of seven ...

Dinosaur that’s no Chicken Little
The Toledo Blade - 19 hours
PITTSBURGH — In prehistoric North Dakota, a warm, wet land roamed by turtles and crocodiles, there lived a dinosaur that experts believe ...

Sky camera near Wiarton caught images of meteor
Owen Sound Sun Times
There is a Bruce County connection to the story of the meteor that streaked across the night sky over southern Ontario last week before crashing near ...

Expeditions to the Moon: beware of meteorites
The Voice of Russia
Experts say that future expeditions to the Moon may face quite a few dangers. One of them ismeteorite attacks. The Moon has practically no ...

Meteor captured by Sidmouth observatory
Sidmouth Herald
A meteor shooting across the night sky and shattering with a flare on impact with the Earth's atmosphere has been recorded by the Norman Lockyer ...

Divers resume work at Chelyabinsk meteorite fall site
The Voice of Russia
Work of divers has resumed on Lake Chebarkul at the Chelyabinsk meteorite fall site. The operation was suspended last Tuesday because of a strong ...

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