30 March 2014

NC GA VA Meteor 27MAR2014

NC GA VA Meteor Apprx.2235 EDT 27MAR2014
FEMA Region IV
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NC GA VA Meteor Apprx.2235 EDT 27MAR2014 
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
27MAR2014 Kyle waynesville nc eastern aprx. 10:38pm 1-3 sec was heading south-southwest at aprx 210-220 degrees very bright white-blue brighter than stars, cloudy night slight but burnt out and dropped quickly fastest brightest ive seen

27MAR2014 Tony C. Atlanta Ga 10:36 pm eastern 2 seconds we were facing north-east and we noticed a fire ball over head going north for one or two seconds then it started to disentegrate to start breaking up then was gone. a bright yellowish ball with an inconsistent tail. As it passed half way between over head and the horizon it seemed to disintegrate.as bright as the moon yes we had a clear view at the edge of a golf course

27MAR2014 kkeene Abingdon, VA 2235 et pm 15- 20 sec S-SW Blue green light cloud cover dull light cloud cover just as bright as visible stars no went by very fast in low sw sky
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