11 March 2014

Breaking News - Finland Bolide 10MAR2014

Breaking News - Finland Moon-Bright Bolide 19:44:16 10MAR2014
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Finland Bolide 10MAR2014
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Esko Lyytinen writes-
We had on Monday 2014, March 10 at 17:44:16 UT a bolide that had an end
flash of the magnitude close to that of the Moon in the same PIeksämäki
image (Moon mag. -10.8 ), from a distance of 122 km. So the abs. mag of
the flash was about -11 .

This happened near the SE border of Finland.

This was captured into the fireball camera of Timo Kantola in Pieksämäki.

And this was also accidentally captured into a DSLR camera by Voitto
Pitkänen at a distance of about 500 km.:
We also received lot of visual reports, even though the nearby areas in
SE Finland were cloud covered.

See also: http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.fi/

These two camera observations allowed a very good multistation
trajectory and solar system orbit. The entry trajectory was derived with
the fb_entry Excel sheet program and the solar system orbit by means of
(a slightly modified) M. Langbroek Excel sheet.

It appears that this was most probably an XHE shower meteor:

The beginning height of the luminous flight was 110 km and the flash at
65.7 km with something visible in the DSLR image down to about 62.8 km.
The entry slope was 27 degrees.
The entry velocity was derived as 35.26 km/s with an estimated
uncertainyt of +-0.1 km/s.
The velocity had decreased till the flash by only about 1 km/s ( to
about 34 km/s ).
The beginning height of the luminous flight was 110 km and the flash at
65.7 km with something visible in the DSLR image down to about 62.8 km.
The entry slope was 27 degrees.

And I give here the solar system orbital elements.
The geocentric radiant is 252.14+-0.1 , +51.74+-0.2 and Vgeo 33.37 km/s .
a=3.01 +-0.06 AU
q=0.977 AU
The collision with the Earth was 12.6 days prior to the time of perihelion.

The aphelion of this orbit is at the distance of 5.03 AU from the Sun.
IF this is characteristic to this shower, then (considering also the
peri value of 196.46) the orbits pass quite close to the Jupiter orbit.
And IF there are mainly random encouters with Jupiter, then the shower
would be quite short lived. But maybe there are practically only
resonant meteors left in the shower (?) This orbit is suggestive of
either the 9/4 or 7/3 mean motion resonance with Jupiter.

We had in the cameras of Ilkka Yrjölä and myself some probable minor
activity from this radiant during a few nights around this, but no other
multistation meteors in these.


Thank you Esko!

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