11 March 2014

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 11MAR2014

NASA Wants You to Help Fight Asteroids
The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News - 2 hours
NASA is calling for coders to help develop algorithms to detect, track, identify and mitigate the effects of asteroids. The administration is ...

‘Mother Earth Cooked It!’ Evolutionist Claims Space Molecules from Meteorites Led to Life on EarthChristian News Network - 12 hours
LUBBOCK – According to an evolutionary paleontologist, the earliest life formed when meteorites brought space molecules to earth four billion ...

Researchers Capture Bright Fireball over Yellowknife in Canada
French Tribune
NASA officials said that fireballs are rarely seen in the sky, but for the past many years higher number of fireballs have been reported, especially ...

Judy Russell: Clergy, science and those meteorites from the Vatican
The Oshkosh Northwestern
Did you hear the one about the Presbyterian minister who got up close and personal with a piece of a meteorite from the Vatican? It's not a joke, ...

Martian Meteor Origins Explained
Guardian Liberty Voice
Stephanie Werner, a planetary scientist at the University of Oslo led the study to determine the origin of the Martian meteor. They went on to try to ...

Researchers Capture Bright Fireball over Yellowknife in Canada
French Tribune
A bright exploding meteor of size less than a foot has been spotted over the sky in Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories. Yuichi Takasaka, a ...

Emergency services called to reports of “fireball in the sky” near Thetford
Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
Emergency services have been called to the Thetford area after a member of the public reported seeing a “fireball” in the sky which then crashed to the ...

Mojave Crater provides more information on Meteorite Impact on the Red Planet
TopNews United States
The novel study throws light on the fact that meteorites on Mars originated from the cosmic impacts about five million years ago. Researchers cited that ...

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