26 March 2014

Breaking News - Ontario Canada Meteor 26MAR2014

Breaking News - Ontario Canada Meteor Apprx. 0318 Eastern 26MAR2014
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Ontario Canada Meteor Apprx. 0318 Eastern 26MAR2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
26MAR2014 Ziraldo Jordan, Ontario, CANADA 318 12 SSW-NE Green/Blue/White Sun 1 large to 2 large and 5 smaller direction over Lake Ontario towards Oakville, ON

26MAR2014 Jason Morrison London, On, Canada 03:18 EST 3 seconds I was facing north. Looked as though it dropped to earth just miles ahead. Green tail Very bright - as the moon, i would say. no Just thought it curious, as the news reported one just days earlier landing in close to the same location

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