19 March 2014

Breaking News -MBIQ Detects - NB NS ME Meteor 19MAR2014

Breaking News -MBIQ Detects -NB NS ME Meteor  Aprox. 0415 EDT / 0515 AST 19MAR2014
#3 YET ANOTHER in Same Region in 24 HRS!!  With Fragmentation!
FEMA Region I and Canada Atlantic
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Photo Credit- Nova Scotia Webcams
NB NS ME Meteor  Aprox. 0415 EDT / 0515 AST 19MAR2014
News Story-
CBC.ca News
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Sighting Reports- NB NS ME Meteor  Aprox. 0415 EDT / 0515 AST 19MAR2014
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Initial Meteor Sighting Report-
19MAR2014 JAMIE Memramcook, NB, canada 530am 15 Traveling east: left hand side Fireball that broke into pieces Moon Yes Fireball falling from sky then broke up into pieces

19MAR2014 PAUL WALSH DARTMOUTH, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA 05:16 AM AST 3 Sec LEFT TO RIGHT DIRECTION OF TRAVEL. I WAS FACING 21 DEGREES N-NW YELLOWISH WHITE FIREBALL Between Mars and Venus' brightness 2-3 YELLOW-ORANGE FRAGMENTS Viewed through windshield of parked vehicle. Checked bearing using iPhone compass. About 1.5 degrees long. Burnt out in the sky (didn't reach horizon). About 15 degrees elevation from level (Not 15 degrees above hilly terrain)

19MAR2014 michelle st john plantation, maine 4:17:00 EDT 2-4 seconds eastern sky right to left orange fireball brighter than a full moon not really so amazing to see

MBIQ Data Set-
Madawaska, Maine arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News" by searching for were there another meteor sightings over northern maine at 4:17 this morning.
18:30:42 -- 43 minutes ago

CBC.ca News Report NOW Posted-

All meteor sighting reports can be seen here

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