03 August 2012

Breaking Meteor News: Sao Paulo, Brasil Bolide? 29JUL2012

Breaking Meteor News: Sao Paulo, Brasil Bolide? 29JUL2012

Object dropped from the sky would cause 'an accident' Alleged plane crash would, in fact, a meteorite, Campinas sighting records
A fireball, fireball, or would have been the cause of the incident that mobilized rescue teams and the regional press on Monday afternoon in the neighborhood of Tapera Grande. ...

'Expedition' looks for signs of meteorite Itatiba
After reporting in Campinas, an astronomer sees signs of the fall of cosmic material in the burned area of 300 meters in diameter. ...

Search Campinas track object that had fallen from the sky
Early Sunday morning, couple spotted white light shaped comet falls toward the Etec
The Municipal Observatory astronomer Jean Nicolini, the District of Joaquim Egidio, Julio Lobo is in search of evidence that may explain the alleged fall of an object from the sky in the Park area Taquaral in Campinas, in the early hours of last Sunday (29) . ...

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Important note:  Meteors/Meteorites DO NOT cause fires.  They are cold to only warm when they land UNLESS they are big enough to create an impact crater and kinetic energy is released.
It was most likely an electrical fire from power lines and a power surge or transformer failure.

2012 THE Year of Meteors!