30 August 2012

Queensland, Australia Fireball Meteor 29AUG2012

Queensland, Australia Fireball Meteor 29AUG2012
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Artist Rendition of  Australian Meteor Event from 20AUG2012
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Initial Reports:

29AUG2012 Ann Tanner and Alfie coghill Brisbane Queensland 8.15pm less than 5 seconds facing North NorEast bright white  ball of fire brighter than the moon large round white ball of fire dropped at speed from sky Biggest shooting star I've ever seen!

29AUG2012 jak Yeppoon  Capricorn Coast Queensland  Australia 20.20pm/aest 4 seconds then went behind mountain NW i was facing west very bright green ..and an orange tail at the end as bright as a weld flash solid ..clean line amazing

29AUG2012 Michael Klazema & Lisa Eroshkin Mackay, Queensland, Australia 20:15EST 3-4 sec NE-SW White fireball with a short white tail with debris of green and orange bits falling off Very large bright star Yes On its travel a short distance from the horizon there appeared  to be a short  break in the light but reappeared instantaneously before fading out on the horizon

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