31 August 2012

MBIQ Indicates Alberta Canada Meteor 30AUG2012

Breaking News - MBIQ Indicates Alberta Canada Meteor ~22:10 30AUG2012

Minutes ago MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) Bot triggered indicating that a meteor was seen over Alberta, Canada tonight.  Reports will be posted as they come in.

Initial Sighting Reports:

30AUG2012 Angela St Albert, Alberta, Canada 10:30 pm mountain time 5-7 seconds South South East blueish green and then ending in orange/yellow sun no parts started blueish green and then a bright yellow ball of fire. For as high as it looked in the sky it was wide. It had a long trailing yellow tail. It was amazing. I didnt know what I was looking at at first. My husband was facing the other way and missed it. I was w as facing south and it went right to left. My husband is so mad he missed it. Awesome!

30AUG2012 Cathy Edmonton 2210 3 seconds Facing south east ball of fire dropped down  Bright yellow Moon Firey Very exciting

30AUG2012 Michella  Edmonton 22:00:00 2sec Canada Bright white in the middle and fire like around the edges, I didn't hear anything. It looked like burning magnesium Nothing was falling off It looked awesome and very pretty

30AUG2012 nellie okotoks,ab,canada 22:10:00 3 sec almost missed it SE-left to right, iwas facing east red/orange fire ball with a long tail sun not that i could see so cool

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