23 August 2012

Breaking News -NY NJ CT MA NH DE PA RI Bright Fireball 23AUG2012

Breaking News- 8 States- NY NJ CT MA NH DE PA RI Bright Fireball ~05:52 EDT 23AUG2012

MBIQ (Meteor Bot Internet Query) Bot triggered on this event about an hour ago.  It is indicated that this fireball meteor event was seen in at least 8 States -NY NJ CT MA NH DE PA RI at approximately 05:52 am EDT.
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NY NJ CT MA NH DE PA RI Bright Fireball ~05:52 EDT 23AUG2012  Sightings Map
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Initial Reports:

23AUG2012 Nick Nashua, NH, USA 547 5 seconds heading east fiery green same as moon none It was wicked awesome

23AUG2012 Jan Paterson, NJ,USA 5:50AM EST 10 sec South/North--East--Right to left--East                   o Left-East Bright Green-Darted across the sky-left a trail behind after it disappeard Same as the sun No It was incredible to see in the sky the unexpected commuting to work

23AUG2012 Stan gmitererek Hackensack, NJ 555 3/4/2012 Northeast Green/yellow Spark Slight Streak

23AUG2012 matt Georgetown,MA USA 553 2-3sec W-E bright green, no sound Bright as the full moon if not brighter did not see any gorgeous color, never seen it green light that

23AUG2012 Slick Lake Carmel, NY 0548 EST 5 sec Heading west to East glowing green, smoke trail Brightess think in the morning sky Yes, things were falling off as it passed over. I was heading east bound on Rt 84, when it shot across the sky.  Mile marker 62

23AUG2012 Leah Long island, NY 6:00am est Only a few seconds Right to left, facing east Bright green Moon It had a tail Very beautiful

23AUG2012 Mark Sipes Freeville, NY, Tompkins 5:52:00 2-3 seconds south to north . I was facing east bright Green BRIGHT!! looked like it had a tail It was huge and bright Green!!

23AUG2012 Deirdre Mountaindale, NY 5:55:00 3-5 sec I was facing east & it came from right hand sky to the left It was bright bright bright green It was very bright not like the sun just noticeable in the dusk sky Yea it exploded & just disappeared in the sky after falling The duration of this was a lot longer than shooting stars & bigger than shooting stars I've seen

23AUG2012 steve m Boston Ma U.S.A. 5:53:00 3-4 seconds nw-se bright green moon plus sudden at flameout beautiful green color at about sunrise.

23AUG2012 Michael Fairfield, CT 5:50:00 Less than 2 Faceing due south, object traveled east and descended Bright lime green ball, white tail Brilliant light, brighter than moon, Venus, No Judging from distance and trajectory the object likely made impact in long island sound. It was very low, perhaps only 40 degrees above horizon

23AUG2012 Garret hoogerhyde Fairlawn nj usa 5:52:00 5-10 sec Se Green blue Venus 2-3 pieces Looked Heading NE

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Unknown said...

Lowell, ma @ 5:53 bright green shooting star. Just above me, Vanish in seconds. On chelmsford st near Lowes. Most Amazing thing ive seen in the sky!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I live in Southern CA and at about 2:30 this morning, August 23, 2012, I saw a huge flash of light in the sky that looked like lightning but was accompanied by a large explosion sound at the same time...almost like a cannon fire/ sonic boom/ explosion. Can't find any reports on what it was, and never heard anything else all night.
Anyone know what happened?

Lunar Meteorite * Hunter said...

Please file a meteor sighting report; this comment area does not get registered in database. Thank you!