28 August 2012

New Brunswick / Nova Scotia Canada Fireball Meteor 25AUG2012

New Brunswick / Nova Scotia Canada Fireball Meteor 25AUG2012
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Initial Sighting Reports:
25AUG2012 Maryann Morgan Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada 20:00 - Atlantic Time Zone, UTC - 4 LONGEST I ever saw.  By the time we saw it fly in front of us overhead, NOT high up, it then lasted upwards of 10 seconds but was going strong before we noticed it.  We actually saw the fireball extinguish itself - THAT, I have never seen so clearly before. Northern - Slightly West Appeared large fireball clearly seen, with a tail and no sound associated with it. Mini Sun - we clearly saw the entire end of the fire. Parts could not be seen falling off, but the tail was evident, thick and obvious behind it. I was going for a walk with my daughter and our dog with a flashlight in hand as it was seriously getting dark.  By the time it caught the attention of my peripheral vision, I was astonished that it was so close, so low in the sky and appeared to be only a few stories above where we were.  We watched it for what seemed like forever, for a fireball.  I've seen two other fireballs in my area over the years and the rest were 'shooting stars' but nothing like this one.  In total, it probably lasted between 8 and 12 seconds, maybe even longer and we clearly seen it - the fire, it going out and the ashes that fell as a result.  It was amazing to behold.

25AUG2012 Erin Durkee Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada 9:00 AST 15-20 seconds Traveling  towards the North East. Perhaps towards Middle or Upper Stewiacke Was like a ball of fire, it seemed very lov and disappeared down behind the trees. just bery bright, like a ball of fire no no

25AUG2012 Reagan McAdam Fredericton 21:00 Atlantic Time ~>10 sec Right to Left (East of Fredericton to North) from Hanwell NB looking toward Fredericton. Orange and yellow (some red). No sound. More than one tail, breaking up, large. Bright as moon. Yes none

25AUG2012 Ginette Garrish Miramichi, NB, Canada approx 2100 Atlantic Daylight Time 7-9 seconds southwest/northwest, left to right, I was facing due west Bright yellow/white, appeared to have several tails of white light just before breaking up Bright as the moon Seemed to break up before fizzling out Appeared closer than I would have expected/was moving quite fast.

25AUG2012 Don LeBlanc Moncton NB, Canada 21:00:00 a couple seconds, then my view was obstructed by a house. I was facing West, it was moving from south to North It was yellow and Orange, the color of fire it was as bright as fireworks there seemed to be parts falling off I steped out on my deck at 9pm to observer the ISS due at 9:04pm. This caught me by suprise as I was turning my camera on. Sorry, no pictures

25AUG2012 Tim O Taymouth, NB 21:10:00 Approx. 15 seconds S-N (facing East) Bright Orange.  At first we thought a shooting star, but it continued across the sky and was at an altitude that seemed lower than a jet going overhead at the same time.  Watched until it extinguished in the North.  No noises were heard. Very bright.  Similar to Moon. There were pieces dropping off as it streaked across the sky, much like sparks. Fascinating event to behold!

25AUG2012 george fury moncton, New Brunswick, Canada 20:50:00 10-15 seconds N-- travelling W>E core was dark and fire was quite wide around and long behind it . it broke of into about 3 -5 piece before burning up in atmosphere was quite bright but there was still day light. could see fire clearly yes was hands down coolest thing i've seen staring at the sky. and i do alot of lookin up :D

25AUG2012 Linda Casey Grandbay-Westfield,NB ,Canada about 21:00 AT 10 sec-15 travelled south to north white Bright as moon no burned out

25AUG2012 phill Moncton N.B Canada 21:00:00 15- 25 sec. N-E redish/ orange dull orange no see a orange fireball in the N-E, sky here in moncton NB canada

25AUG2012 Susan Johnson North Williamston 20:55 atlantic time 20 seconds n - ne I was facing n so left to right I guess red and orange looked like a shooting star but larger and like it was on fire like a star that is on fire it had a tail I said oh cool a shooting star to my husband then noticed it was larger and had a tail. I watched until it just disappeared.

25AUG2012 Keith Crabbe Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada 21:10 Atlantic time 8-10 seconds that I could see it Right to Left facing North East Orange in colour and a trail behind, pieces coming off, appeared to be closer than a jet flying over probably due to ts size. not as bright as the sun or moon Yes there were parts falling off behind never witnessed anything like it before, much slower in movement and closer than a shooting star, more colorful also.

25AUG2012 Aaron Stanwix Sussex Corner, NB, Canada 21:02 Eastern 10-12 sec N-E left to right Bright yellow with long firey tail at least as bright as the moon and 20 times as bright as venus ther were parts falling off was like something i only ever saw on movies

25AUG2012 Denise McCluskey Moncton, NB Canada 21:00 ADT 8-10 seconds Left to Right A large fireball with a long tail was slowly moving across the sky. Then i saw the tail start to break up...then the fire ball broke up and disappeared. It was very bright and quite large..in perspective about the size of a pinky finger. Very bright reds and oranges and yellows. Very much like looking into a flame. At the end of the 10 seconds the tail boke apart..then the fries ball broke up inot small peices before it disappeared. No other comments

25AUG2012 scott smith New Germany, Nova Scotia, Canada 2103EST 15 sec NW to NE,left to right. Facing NW(I think) Wow.Huge fire ball with debris falling off it .Very low in the sky.I was driving in my car and  i couldnt stare for any length of time but to my amazement each time I glanced up , it was still there. Ive seen lots of shooting stars in my 54 years of life but never any thing that even came close to this.It was like watching a helicopter go down in a blaze of fire.It lasted for close to 20 seconds.I couldnt hear it because I was in my car.WOW. bright as the moon yes Much brighter ang larger than any shooting star.It seemed so close.


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