19 August 2012

Kadavu Island, Fiji Meteor? Loud Bang / Smoke Trail 17AUG2012

Kadavu Island, Fiji Meteor?  Loud Bang / Smoke Trail ~16:30 Fiji Local Time 17AUG2012

17th August 2012
Adrian Watt
Kadavu Island, Fiji
16:30 Fiji Time
Meteor not sighted
E to W Low trajectory
Black smoke trail observed dissipating
N/A Not Observed

Multiple reports from my staff and local villagers of a 'plane crash' and a large bang however on questioning, nobody actually saw an aircraft, they said it moved too fast to see. Many people did however see a black smoke trail dissipating low in the sky.

No aircraft are reported missing. Report of a large splash 1 mile West of Matava Resort could have been mistaken as a humpback whale breaching. Whatever it was, it left a black smoke trail and made a loud bang heard for miles around.
Thank you Adrian Watt!  Anyone else see this?  File a report please.

17AUG2012 Austin Bowden-Kerby Viti Levu, Fiji Islands (Bilalevu Sigatoka Valley, 30km in interrior of Viti Levu Fiji Islands) 5:50 pm Fiji Time GMT+12hrs 6 seconds? North to South- towards Kadavu Island about 100miles away Bright red head with long bluegreen tail, no sound, no smoke brilliant like a flare it was daytime no This was the most brilliant and beautiful metior I have ever seen in my 58 years I am sure this is what came down near Kadavu as it happened at the same time as the other report.

17AUG2012 Will FIJI ISLANDS - Near Nadi 5pm 3 sec East;Right It was brightly burning (white-hot) ball with some trailing effect and smoke. Very bright, white hot No We were on a cruise on our way back to Denarau Island, looking at the surrounding view and sunset behind us, when I then looked to my right side and caught a glimpse of this brightly burning ball for a couple of seconds before it disappeared behind the clouds. Did not see it hit the water. It was also observed by a few other passengers. This may be related to the meteor event listed as "Kadavu Island, Fiji Meteor? Loud Bang / Smoke Trail ~16:30 Fiji Local Time 17AUG2012

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