19 August 2012

Brasschaat, Belgium Bolide Meteor Fireball 19AUG2012

Brasschaat, Belgium Bolide Meteor Fireball ~01:05u 19AUG2012

19AUG2012 Erwin Van Geel 2930 Brasschaat, Belgium 01:05u the sighting lasted no longer then 8sec approximately direction of travel: north,east we were ouside talking when a lightflash so bright we stopped talking immediately then we saw an object with high speed tearing the sky like a red flaming stripe and at the head of the stripe the object broke in 2 pieces! at a certain point at the end of the sighting , the 2 pieces outspeeded the flames and dissapeared in dark/distance first white light flash in a split sec followed by incoming object at the bright spot, and leaves fire like red line in sky at the end , object broke in 2 parts i am so amazed by what i saw , i cant sleep and think about anything else! i feel so lucky that i could ever witness this! it definitely looked like an impact
Great Job Erwin!

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