19 August 2012

日本火球の火の玉流星19AUG2012- 地球が放牧小惑星?日本19AUG2012 Japan Bolide 19AUG2012

日本火球の火の玉流星19AUG2012 地球が放牧小惑星?日本
Japan Bolide Fireball Meteor an Earth Grazing Asteroid??? Japan 19AUG2012
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20120819_0240 長経路流星 
Long Duration/Path Length Meteor
The meteor had a duration of more than 20 seconds with an estimated recorded visual path length of approximately 300km. It was captured by allsky cameras in Hyogo, Osaka, and Tokyo.
Original Source with complete details, photos and videos: 
Sonotaco (Japan Allsky Camera Network) http://www.sonotaco.jp

Way to go Shelia for the alert!  Thank you for the post:

2012 THE Year of Meteors!