03 August 2012

Florida Meteor 02AUG2012

Florida Meteor ~6:10 pm EDT 02AUG2012

02AUG2012 MICKEY GORDON NAPLES,FL USA 620 1 sec N-S BRIGHT WHITE YELLOW EDGE Brighter than moon. No Seemed very close

02AUG2012 Courtney Tampa, Fl 0714 EDT Approx. approx. 5-10 sec. W - E bright, tear drop, with trailing particles same sun yes approx. 40 deg

02AUG2012 James Inez Tampa, Florida 6:08:00 3 seconds N-S Green no sound Venus No, but has long green tail It's a green fireball with a long tail

02AUG2012 Linda gaithet St Pete each, fl 6:15:00 5 sec Facing south, walking on beach Huge Bright white ball withrail As dull sun (like on overcast day) No Disappear

02AUG2012 Steve Clearwater, Fl 614 2-3 seconds 0614 / E-W / facing south No sound, blue with white trail moon brightness maybe in trail Seemed large in sky. Traveling at about a 45 degree angle.

02AUG2012 Janet Stephenson Tampa, FL USA 06:13:00 EST Perhaps only 2 to 3 seconds? Facing South, Direction of travel West to East (left to right) Initial view was a stream of white light, then changed to and orange/red ball and then bright white streak as it faded away.  It appeared at about a 45 degree angle downward Trail was bright as moon and fireball was bright red/orange. It appeared to have a bit of an explosion quality to it but did not see "fragments". Sky was clear and dark.

02AUG2012 Brent Palm Beach gardens, FL, USA 6:10:00 3 sec Travelled straight down toward ground. I was facing southwest Bright white w/red tail, no sound Very bright, like a firework, only bigger and falling downward No fragments If only our eyes had a camera app

02AUG2012 Linda Rogers Bradenton, FL, USA 06:10 AM EST 3 sec W;E white, red, yellow large sparkling ball with long sparkling tail, seemed very close sun/moon ball and tail were sparking came curving down like a giant falling star. Saw it until it went below the trees in horizon not too far away

2012 THE Year of Meteors!