22 August 2012

ONT Canada / NJ PA Fireball Meteor 21AUG2012

ONT Canada / NJ PA Fireball Meteor ~21:30 EST 21AUG2012

21AUG2012 Agatha Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA 21:30:00 5 Sec S-NW Lime Green, Yellow, White, broke up clearly into red chunks Incredibly bright lime green color as entered atmosphere, them dimmed to darker green,then bright white before breaking up into red chunks. Brightest object in the sky several red chunks broke apart suddently NA

21AUG2012 Michelle Phoenixville, PA 21:40 PM EST not even 5 seconds West - shooting left to right very bright flourescent green - no sound moon not that we could see It was awesome

21AUG2012 Samara Phillipsburg, nj 2130 About five seconds Southwest to northeast Yellow some red Venus Yes Largest one I have ever seen. Definite fireball with tail and fragment pieces. It was the closest and largest one I have encountered.

21AUG2012 Cody Welland,Ontatio Canada 9-10pm est 2 seconds right to left no sound, red and blue colour venus, looked like a fireball no seen it come into our atmosphere, then is surely disintegrated 2 seconds after

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New Foundland, Canada ~21:20 NST 21AUG2012
(1 hour prior):
21AUG2012 Keith Poole St. Lewis, NL, Canada 21:20 NST 6-8 sec N-S Bright Blue/Green with a bright tail(split).  There was no sound. moon no noticable parts falling but here seemed two or three tails/streaks behind it It came in from the north sky towards the south at a very steep angle and slowed as it neared the earth but did not get any less bright.  It was very brilliant, like the arc from a welder.  I spoke to at least half a dozen people in the seconds that followed reported seeing the same thing but there was no sound.

21AUG2012 David Norman 10 Minutes outside Corner Brook,NL Canada 21:22:00 Id have to say a good 10-15 seconds. I was Headed North East towards Corner Brook Newfoundland and it came from my left and headed directly across the highway to my Right. I heard nothing as i was in my Vehicle. It was round with a long tail, Green in colour,traveling very fast. Maybe like Venus but Green in colour. Did not hurt your eyes at all kind of bright just really seafoam green and well lit. None that i seen. This Green ball had a long tail behind it. It travelled very fast and seemed to be very close.My Brother was with me and he also witnessed this this object with a huge green tail trailing behind it.We watch it till it vanished behind some tree's on the highway.

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