04 September 2013

Italia Bolide Fireball Meteor 03SEP2013 with Sonics!

Italia Bolide Fireball Meteor 00:12.46 UT 03SEP2013 with Sonics!

bolide 3 settembre 02:12 ora locale 2013
Ferruccio Zanotti 10,852 views Posted on YouTube
Captured at 00:12.46 UT from Ferrara (Italy), slow and very large. Camera pointed at NE.
Video by Ferruccio Zanotti of IMTN (Italian Meteor and TLE Network):

The object was captured from Cuneo (approximately at 320 km from the camera)
M20130903 001248 Confreria Wa
Posted to Youtube by Paolo Demaria 94 views

Many people reported sound like explosion.
According to Enrico Stomeo (UAI) the meteor "has probably entered over the Adriatic sea" (from here: http://meteore.uai.it/)

reported by Daniele Brundu, Italy

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