20 September 2013

MD VA PA Meteor 19SEP2013

MD VA PA Meteor approx. 19'30 EDT 19SEP2013
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MD VA PA Meteor approx. 19'30 EDT 19SEP2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
19SEP2013 John hornyak Round Hill, va 7:30 pm EST 5 seconds S-N Yellow fireball Brighter than moon No All fire than burned out

19SEP2013 Greg Virginia Beach Around 7:30pm est Under 5 seconds SW-NE;left to right;facing NNW Some blue and yellow no noise; looked like a ball of fire with long tail Brighter than any star Couldn't see parts, just disappeared Like a falling star but with a front row seat

19SEP2013 Marsha Hagerstown, MD, USA about 7:30pm EST 4-5 seconds west to east; I was facing south bright orange with white in middle almost as bright as the full moon no it was fairly slow

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Unknown said...

I have tried to file report for sighting but the form will not appear. Falls Church Va.09/19/2013 7:31pm