23 September 2013

NH CT MA ME RI PA Fireball Meteor 22SEP2013

NH CT MA ME RI PA Fireball Meteor approx.1930 EDT 22SEP2013
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NH CT MA ME RI PA Fireball Meteor approx.1930 EDT 22SEP2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
22SEP2013 Nicole Saco,maine,USA 7:20pm est About 3 seconds I was headed north it was headed south on my left It was large and orange and looked like it was on fire Very bright There were not parts falling off It was large and fell fast looked like a plane was on fire

22SEP2013 Suzanne Ferguson Assonet, MA, USA 19:40ish EST 3-4 sec SE-NW (was facing north) bright blue ball, white tail same as moon bright ball with single streak Was in car; can't find any other reports!

22SEP2013 Kevin M Grafton, MA 1930EST 5 seconds Facing East, moved E-N White Moon yes Looked atmospheric

22SEP2013 Mary W Hanover, MA USA 19:25 PM approx. 4 seconds E-W Bright circular light changed rapidly to a fireball with a long tail disappeared on horizon. Bright like Venus, like a headlight at first There was a long tail I was heading North, at first I thought it was a light from a plane landing until it quickly changed to a fireball.

22SEP2013 Kathy Rup Tolland CT 7;30pm 10-15 sec we were traveling east-it went from south to north (right to left in sky green- brighter than any shooting star I've seen no unusual to see green color
22SEP2013 Cindy West Boylston, MA, USA 1930 Eastern 3 sec N-S Bright white and burning moon it appeared that is was burning at its tail no

22SEP2013 Jessica Raymond NH USA 1930 est 2 seconds east to west bright white light with blue/orange flames. no sound blue moon bright no beautiful birhgt ball of light. un like anything i have ever seen.

22SEPT2013 Aleece Johnson Hampton, NH, USA 19:20:00 2-3 sec East-West blue tail, green and pink head Bright, very clear, but not extremely bright No It moved very very fast and covered me and my friend's entire field of vision. The most amazing thing I've ever seen. Makes me feel so small :)

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