08 September 2013

San Luis Potosi, Mexico Daytime Bolide Meteor 21AUG2013 - Update 05SEP2013

San Luis Potosi, Mexico Daytime Bolide Meteor 21AUG2013 - Updated 05SEP2013 /10SEP2013
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MEXICO "EVENT" Proves to be a DUD!

Four of five video locations have been located.for the "Mexico event".  Determination based on 4 of 5 video locations is that this event was staged, ie faked.  Direction/s of travel cannot match a single or even double event.  Analysis was done by experts in the US, Finland, Japan and others in Brasil and Mexico.

Video analysis on all five videos done by a team of three Brazilian students independently, shows CGI produced videos. 

Thank you for all of your dedicated help and long hours with this case.  

I still have many things to study and the last video is almost found, I think I have spotted the location.
Best,  Dirk Ross...Tokyo
Three Meteorites awarded
to researchers from Brasil and Mexico!
Julio González, Mexico
Marcelo Domingues, Brasil
Carlos Bella, Brasil

Congratulations! And thank you for your kind help.-------------------------------------
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vid 2 of "Peyote Hunters" Mtn
original video at

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San Luis Potosi, Mexico Daytime Bolide Meteor 21AUG2013
GIF from Video taken from in front of Iglesia de la Compañía
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ANOTHER video!!!

Meteorito avistado desde el centro de San Luis Potosí 2013
Posted on YouTube by horustve fourfour 48,324 views
Published on Aug 27, 2013
Ha surgido otro video enviado a la estación EXA al programa de Mariana Jasso luego de que hoy se mencionara el extraño fenómeno que ocurre en el estado de San Luis Potosi. ¿Qué piensan al respecto?
Has emerged another video sent to the station EXA Mariana Jasso's program after today mentioned the strange phenomenon that occurs in the state of San Luis Potosi. What do you think about it?
My Note-  The video above appears to show a group of US American tourists taking a walking tour near a church in SLP; this can explain why the event was videoed by the group.  Their conversations can be heard in the background.
- LunarMeteoriteHunter

Five videos now, all spectacular. They have been accused of being fake?!!!  Motive and cost of production with too many actors and in too many locations, makes this unlikely!

I am still calling this event REAL in spite of the skeptics.

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Spacerock Shop said...

Remove this Videos please because they and lot other from this Guy are totaly fakes :(

Spacerock Shop said...

All these Videos are fake... Sorry But its absolutely clearly Adobe After Effects... SORRY for BAd news

APODman said...

I discover that the church is Capela de San Loreto in the Plaza De Los Fundadores in San Luis Potosí:
Lat: 22.152132°
Long: -100.978135°

- http://postimg.org/image/mxzbdos87/

This is a turistical place. Videos shows that it´s very busy place, with great movement of tourists, however we do not, as one might expect, a lot of reports of the meteor.

APODman said...

Dear Mr. Dirk !

I noticed in this new video one discrepancy of the trail just after the meteor out of the cloud, there is a shift of the trail that should not exist, even if we considered that the wind would have dragged the trail, that does not proceed because there are no distortions in trail, it stays straight.

Bellow some illustrations of this distortion.The red line would be the straight path, the yellow line is the trajectory that followed, the red arrow marks a reference to show the rapid displacement of the trail relative to the cloud. The sequence of the film is from top to bottom:


There was a cleary impossible lateral displacement of the meteor!

Compare with big fireball 1972, no lateral displacement of the meteor trail, the distance is always the same for a given point above the top, or below, of the clouds.


I am enthusiast of meteors, I have my own allsky camera and eventually contribute to the American Meteor Society with images. Meteors are my passion, and I wish deeply that these videos were real. Considering this possibility I think the trajectory of the meteor maybe indicates that it was an Earthgrazer.

But unfortunately I'm sure that this videos are not real.

Regards !
Carlos Bella

Unknown said...

Yup this is fake.