24 September 2013

Breaking News- TX LA Fireball Meteor 23SEP2013

Breaking News - TX LA Fireball Meteor approx.2025 CDT 23SEP2013
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TX LA Fireball Meteor approx.2025 CDT 23SEP2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23SEP2013 Beverly Strange Kerens, TX 20:35:00 10 sec E-W, facing South Green Brighter than the moon No Moved slowly and fluttered to the ground. 

23SEP2013 Kathy Kruse Temple, Texas  USA 2030 6 seconds north to south/ left to right bright light (ball) go straight down moon no Just saw a quick bright ball it happened fast

23SEP2013 Uncleslippyfist1 Leander Texas  20:30:00 2sec North east Bright green Venus Yes This is the 3rd one in 24 hrs I have seen personally

23SEP2013 RG San Antonio, TX USA 2030 cst 2 secs Traveling right to left as I was facing NE Green fireball with yellowish tail Bright as a typical firecracker Yes NA

23SEP2013 Illari Lufkin TX, USA 8:30 PM Central Time 3-4 seconds  I was facing south, the light went from left to right  green light with white long tail same as moon I didn't see any There were no clouds clear sky. Was a beautiful thing to see, I never saw a meteor before.

23SEP2013 Leora The Woodlands, TX USA 20:25 central 3 seconds  South West green and orange the moon none none

23SEP2013 Abigail MacLean Lindale, Texas, United States Aprox. 8:25pm 3 sec N-S The ball was a greenish, bluish yellow with a orangey tail. No sound. About like the moon. Not that I could see. It went behind some trees so I couldn't see it very long.  

23SEP2013 Kathy Cahanin Lafayette, LA 20:25:00 I only saw about 5 seconds.  travelling fast and low N-S I was travelling west Bright green fireball with a orange/white tail Moon I didn't see any, but it clearly looked like it was burning I've never seen anything like this and I've seen "shooting stars" before.  This was larger, and colorful, and much lower in the sky

23SEP2013 Christine Heimsoth Chappell Hill, TX 8:25pm CT 3-4 seconds Traveled straight south Bright green, blue, then green again Bright as a flare No, but it had a tail It was only about 70 yards from me. 

23SEP2013 Auri League City, Texas USA 2025 Central Standard 2-3 seconds  N-SE blue, no sound.  like the moon but brighter  no no

23SEP2013 Kim Pena Elgin,TX 78621 8:25 Central Daylight Savings Time 3 seconds NW to SW GREEN Moon No,  one large green ball with white trail. Bright green slow falling,AWESOME to behold!!!!  

23SEP2013 jerry san antonio texas 20:24:00 8 seconds it started in the middle of the sky i was facing east and it went down but dissapeared before hitting the floor and looked almost like it slowed down white and turned greenish venus it looked like it was dripping liquid yes

23SEP2013 Lenaya SEABROOK TX 2021 2-2.5 sec NE-SW Left to Right White and Red/No sound Sun None Had a long bright white tail with red trailing at the end. It was close enough to see like a fireworks display.

23SEP2013 Will Barrett Alvin TX 2020 cst 3seconds North to South White and blue tail Moon Mo Tail long as 15

23SEP2013 Clifton C. Bray Marrero, Louisiana, USA 20:17 CST 2-3 sec Started 35 degrees above the horizon and stopped at 5 degrees.  Right to left at 80 degree angle. I was facing due east. Green fireball and tail that turned from green to blue as it lost velocity. Sun Yes.  As it neared 5 degrees above due east horizon it broke up. Meteorite was largest I have seen.  I worked outside at night for 4 years and saw hundreds.  This was the first I've seen to burn green to blue so brightly.  Came down from start fast, then slowed as fireball appeared to break up.

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Unknown said...

I saw a meteor in north san antonio. Quick sighting like a ball of fire falling from the sky

Unknown said...

It looked like it entered dark flight over Mason County heading NW