23 September 2013

NC GA SC Fireball Meteor 22SEP2013

NC GA SC  Fireball Meteor approx.0630 EDT 22SEP2013
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NC GA SC  Fireball Meteor approx.0630 EDT 22SEP2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
22SEP2013 Paul Rose Covington, Georgia, USA 06:32 ET 6 sec SW to NE Bright White - Brighter than Sun Sun No - but long tail Was like someone turned bright light on over my head - when I looked directly above me the light focused and then shot toward the NE

22SEP2013 Brian S. Greensboro, North Carolina, United States 6:30am eastern 2 seconds North To South I was facing West Bright Geen fireball with a yellow tail Sun No It was awesome and scary

22SEP2013 Stephen Owen Hickory Grove SC USA 6:30 AM EST 3-4 seconds looking South-West 225 degrees, 30 degrees above horizon, 45 degree decent angl yellow large ball, short tail, floressed vivid blue green short tail half of the brightness of 3/4 full moon, moon was in same field of vission, metior was 20-30 degrees south of setting moon no, but tail was visually wagging side to side wish I had a photo, brightest most colorful I have ever seen, I've seen hundreds of metiorites

22SEP2013 JohnHandley Atlanta GA, USA 0630 EDT 5 E Green Fireball across Eastern sky Moon Bright No Huge! Never seen anything like it!

22SEP2013 William L. Gibson Canton,NC,USA 0625 EDT 5 seconds NW to SE in Southern Sky Brilliant Green Fireball Moon brightness no fragmentation near horizon

22SEP2013 Tim Novak Fletcher, NC 0630 eastern time 3-4 seconds facing SW went right to left white ball with tail more than moon no very bright large white ball with tail

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