28 September 2013

Breaking News - OH MI ONT PA IL WV KY TN VA Bolide Meteor/s 27SEP2013

Breaking News-
OH MI ONT PA IL WV KY TN VA Bolide Meteor approx 2330 EDT/ 2230CDT 27SEP2013
SECOND LARGE EVENT IN TWO DAYS seen in similar region -8 US States and 1 Prov. of Canada.
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OH MI ONT  PA  IL WV  KY TN VA Bolide Meteor/s approx   2330 EDT/ 2230CDT 27SEP2013
v2 c2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth

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OH MI ONT  PA  IL WV  KY TN VA Bolide Meteor approx   2330 EDT/ 2230CDT 27SEP2013
Red Markers Indicate Sightings for this event.
Teal Markers indicate 26SEP2013 meteor event.
v2 c2013 LunarMeteoriteHunter / Google Earth
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Please check for security camera and all sky camera captures of this event; help by getting this story out by Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube and your favorite forums and your local media; thank you! 
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Initial meteor Sighting Reports-
27SEP2013 Sara irizarry corry Pa 23:50:00 about 5 seconds north very bright lit up entire sky as if it were day. it was a very big ball with a very long tail the entire thing was very very bright and it looked as if coming straight down as bright as the moon but lit everything up as if the sun came out no it was very big and bright i just waited for everything to shake.

27SEP2013 Jayme Cousins London, Ontario, Canada 23:50EDT 3 S-SW Bright green Brightest thing in the moonless sky. Equiv to fireworks or flare. No Silent, low on the horizon. Could just see it above houses and trees for the duration before it vanished being obstructions.

27SEP2013 Kara Milan, Michigan, USA 23:45:00 3 sec It was going from upper left to lower right and I was facing south. No sound. Very low. Bright green and blue with a white tail. Very bright trail/flames, no light on the actual thing. Couldn't tell. The angle of decent was approximately 55 degrees.

27SEP2013 erin howell, michigan 23:45:00 lasted about 10 seconds traveling from east to west blue/green looked like a firework with a bright tail very very bright no looked like a firework in the sky

27SEP2013 David Idamay,WV,USA 2345 Eastern Standard time 6-7 SECONDS E-W,East Blue Venus no intense white/blue with a long blue tail that lasted several seconds after main part disappeared over tree tops

27SEP2013 Josh Norwalk Oh USA 23:42:00 7 seconds In bed Blue Very bright, lit up the whole town! couldnt see I was laying in bed when I saw a bright blue flash over top of my house.. People on facebook were all talking about it and people that live in other states that i know even saw it!

27SEP2013 matt boltenhouse chillicothe,ohio 23:40:00 about6 to 8 seconds was looking too the north.apeared to be heading n-w,from high in sky getting lowertill out of veiw of houses. bright blue,little orange behind.kind of hissing sound with trail of smoke that lingeredfor 10 seconds very bright like full moon and very blue no looked like it was going all the way to ground,but couldent tell.heard a pop just before ,thats what made go outside to lock car.couldnt be missed lit up the sky.any body outside would not have missed it

27SEP2013 Joshua Perrysburg,OHIO,USA 23:40 EST I saw the flash not the objects travel but there was a distinct smokey trail left behind (short from my perspective about two hands length held at arms length. smokey trail almost had a glow to it but that may have been just the dense smoke illuminated from the ambient night sky. smoke trail quickly dissapated. Slightly SW-NE I was facing south Blue flash with smoky trail that dispated after 10sec, no sound blue flash was bright out of the corner of my eye but i didnt actually see the object. Not sure Just an impressive bright blue flash with a smokey trail left behind that quickly dissipated after about 10 seconds.


27SEPT2013 Andrea Biordi New Richmond, OH, USA 23:40 EST 26 sec East - traveled west Bright blue/white Full Moon No Very large meteor with long lasting trail after it disappeared. AWESOME!

27SEPT2013 Brent St. Clair, MI USA 23:40 EST 6 seconds coming from east at 45 degree angle towards west ground. East/West Left to Right. Driving West The Sky Lit up like lightning as I was driving and looking west. Then as I looked south out my drivers side window, the meteor tail was coming down from the sky at a 45 degree angle the tail was Bluish Green and then turned into fire as it reached closer to the ground, and then disappeared behind the tree line while the tail remained for 2 more seconds. Bright as Saturn in western sky. about 3 Fragments happened very fast. The sky lit up very very bright in all directions.

27SEPT2013 Melissa Staley Gahanna, Ohio United States 23:40:00 Approximately 3 to 4 seconds Start from southwest stopping northeast Saw a bright blue flash and I heard a pop sound, I looked up and saw what looked like a blue meteor that turned yellow and faded away. I saw smoke in the sky after it dissipated. Bright as lightening Not known It was amazing and kind of scary. What was this?

27SEP2013 Brian Erlanger KY 23:40:00 2 ssec moving southeast to northwest blue streak; no sound venus no fragmentation already described above; i hope someone else saw it

27SEP2013 Melissa Parma, Ohio 2340 EST 4 Facing South, traveled Northwest Blue at the end, no sound. Brighter than the moon, smaller than the sun. Not that I saw. It was so bright that my boyfriend, who was looking away from it, saw it's glow light up the yard with blue light.

27SEP2013 nawal deaeborn heights mi 23:40:00 3 sec N-S bright green light sun no lit up in mid travel

27SEP2013 Cheryl Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 2338 2.0 Sec N to SW Brilliant green similar to moon no the colour was extraordinary, possibly metallic

27SEP2013 Angela Twymon Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio USA approx 2338 EST 5-10 seconds? looking south moving east to west at approx 45degree angle in SW vicinity, not straight south bright green w/ a trail and "sparkles" of fire behind it. No sound VERY bright. Lit up the houses etc sparkles of fire behind it too quick to take a pic.

27SEP2013 Jeff Miller Ashland, Ohio, USA 23:37:00 2 second South to North Blue Green Moon No Was facing west and saw a flash of the sky.

27SEP2013 Ann Skinner Zanesville,Ohio USA 2335 approx 5-10 sec E to W Green Brighter than the moon I am not sure Never seen anything like it

27SEP2013 Mike Sazdanoff Lexington, Ohio 23:35:00 3-5 seconds E-w Blue orange yellow Sun No but looked like a line No photo

27SEP2013 Jamie Thornhill, Ontario, Canada 23:35:00 2 South East Green Brighter than the moon Long trail, thick trail Super bright green, thick trail, really long!

27SEP2013 L J PIETRZAK Ingersoll, Ontario countryside near 23:35:00 approx 8sec travelling soouth toward Ingersoll. Object appeared to be moving east to west large orange head with long fragmented orange tail. No sound as car windows were closed. Brighter than Venus Bright orange fragments in a long V pattern behind bright orange object Dull orange flash against cloud cover caused me to look out my right window and see the object.

27SEP2013 Jason dean Carthage, tn 22:35 CST 5 sec E-w right to left Green Like a firework Yes Looked like firework

27SEP2013 Hollie Rondo chagrin falls ohio usa 23:34:00 maybe 5 seconds . left to right. i was traveling north bright bluish green. almost looked like a firework very bright couldnt tell it was breathtaking happened so quick.

27SEP2013 Kristy Schroeder westlake ohio 23:33 est 4 seconds east to west green sun-moon very little 

27SEP2013 william tiedman wauseon ohio 1133 pm 2 secs s-e to s-w green sun yes biggest iv ever seen and brightest it was amazing

27SEP2013 David & Michelle Evanich Norwalk, Ohio 44857 USA 11:33 eastern 10 sec South - West White Green Blue Orange Red with a pop sound Very Bright - Flash Bulb Yes Lit up everything - The most spectacular thing we have ever seen because we have a dog!!

27SEP2013 Dan & Ethan Edelen Mount Orab, Ohio, USA 23:33 EST 6 SE-NW Greenish-yellow, no sound moon initially, but may have exploded, as the sky was lit up by an enormous flash that seemed like a massive lightning strike Did not notice Massive. Trail persisted in the sky for a good 15 seconds or so. Lit up the area like daylight. Never seen anything like it.

27SEP2013 Nichole Miskell Belleville, MI USA 23:33 eastern timezone Id say it lasted for a count of 2 seconds I was facing south, it moved left to right, so E to W no sound, but it had a long green tail with some orange sparkles coming from the tail and then it turned bright orange, got bigger, and dissapeared. bright like the sun the green tail was very bright metallic green possibly, not sure what the orange sparkles around the tail may have been the green tail was remarkably bright, suddenly turned into a big ball of orange, then it was gone

27SEP2013 Daniel Woodbridge, VA, United States 23:32:00 about 3-5 seconds I was driving West and the Meteor was Directly in front of me and to the right Very bright light with a large wide green trail. As I saw the Meteor there was also a flash of light similar to lightning although clear sky. I figured the meteor must have hit the ground or burnt up which casued the flash. Brighter then the moon I don't think so Was wondering what the flash at the end of it was and it was probably the slowest meteor I have seen or the longest sighting

27SEP2013 Liam Windsor, ON, Canada 11:31pm ET 3 seconds south to southwest green, blue trail brighter than the moon it fizzled out of great size

27SEP2013 Don & Melissa Oker Platea ,PA, USA 2330 EST about 13 seconds east to west as observed facing west blue then green ball with tail very bright, colorful! none noted PA 90W.southside.

27SEP2013 Shannon Goochland, Virginia 23:30 eastern time 4 seconds Facing west, it was to our right traveling left large solid mass with glowing green and a red/orange tail moon not that i could tell saw multiple objects in sky, a little larger than a shooting star about 40 minutes later

27SEP2013 Roger L Archbold, OH, USA 23:30 eastern 1-2 seconds N-S bright white bright hot white yes, off the tail lit the entire sky and ground up

27SEP2013 Madison King 23103, Goochland VA, U.S. 11:30 pm eastern time 3 sec S-E; Right to left, facing west Bright green ball with a stream of green light. Falling down to the left. No sound same as the moon maybe brighter very little seemed very close to the ground

27SEP2013 Bill BLISSFIELD, MI USA 11:30 pm eastern 3 seconds E-W LEFT TO RIGHT. SOUTH White and green Very bright Couldnt tell Very neat.

27SEP2013 Cherre blairsville, pa 23:30:00 10 sec left to right green meteor or fireball bright green ? Best I ever saw

27SEP2013 James S Marietta, Ohio United States 23:30:00 15 seconds from west to east Large shooting star with a green hue. resembled a firework/lit up the sky. long "tracer" that lasted for 10-15 seconds. brighter than the moon. resembled a firework long "tracer" that lasted 10-15 seconds No noise. Was larger than "typical" shooting stars.

27SEP2013 Josh West chester, OH USA 2330 20 sec S-N White, orange, green Lightening, or flare, brighter than any celestial body in the sky Trail, This is the brightest, and most dramatic celestial event I have ever seen.

27SEP2013 Kimberly Silliman Mt. Washington, KY USA 11:30 pm EST 5-10 seconds maybe East to West maybe, I'm not sure what direction that is. Green, there was no sound. I thought it was the biggest shooting star I've ever seen, but it was low and green. Bright, very vivid. No parts falling off that i could see. none

27SEP2013 suzanne hendrickson MACOMB, MICHIGAN, USA 2330 EST 5 seconds E-W traveled left to right as I was heading south green ball of fire with tail, silent brighter than moon but not anything like the sun no was traveling extremely fast and appeared very close to landing nearby

27SEP2013 Karen Veit South Haven, MI 2329 est 2 to 3 seconds going straight down in the east green no sound bright like Venus no but it had a tail none

27SEP2013 Sheanna Zambo London Ontario Canada 23:25 aprox 3 seconds East to West Bright green light with a white tail of light behind it Like a fireball No My husband and I are truck drivers and were on the 401 when we saw it. At first I thought I was seeing things until my husband said he saw it to. It happened so quick I didn't have time to react. I thought it was a falling star until I googled and it directed me to a meteor.

27SEP2013 Donea Ryan Heath, Ohio, USA 23:23 DST 5 sec W - E white Sun Don't know the trail seemed to last a long time.

27SEP2013 Carla Hanes Marietta, Ohio 11:00 p.m. Aprox. 5 seconds I just saw a blue flash blue no sound It was bright enough to mess with your eyes no No

27SEP2013 Morton Dorothy Monticello, IL, USA 22:45 CDT 1-2 sec Heading down, viewed from I-72, Eastbound, MM260, 20 deg right of dir of travel, generally facing east Green with orange trail, no sound moon Orange trail Appeared to reach ground near Monticello, IL, or Champaign, IL

27SEP2013 Michael Chesterfield, MI, USA 2240 EST .5 sec South end of the sky and looked like it was heading towards earth in a mostly south but a little east direction Green it caught my eye as i was driving west so it was in my parephial vision i just saw a trail of smoke after it didnt think of doing some research until i found a friend on twitter had posted a similar sighting

27SEP2013 robert broome horse cave ky usa 10:35pm central 5 to 6 sec south east to north west north bright white to fluorescen green moon ? was really bright yes i have never seen sky so bright at night.

27SEP2013 Danielle Duran Fremont, Wisconsin 2231 2-3 seconds East Bright green Moon None observed. None

27SEP2013 Steve Cookeville,TN 38501 22:30 central time 5 sec United States traveling east to west Bright Green looked as if it exploded into pieces as bright as a gas explosion yes it was very large size of a cal and exploded low on the horizion none

27SEP2013 Debbie Mt. Prospect, IL, USA 10:20 PM CST 4/5/2013 W-E Green > Venus but < Moon Yes Similar to bottlerocket but green and brighter

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