24 September 2013

CO UT Meteor 23SEP2013

CO UT Meteor approx. 2030 MDT 23SEP2013
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CO UT Meteor approx. 2030 MDT 23SEP2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23SEP2013 Andy Stewart Eagle, Colorado USA 20:50 mdt 2-3 sec looking NE? Flew W>E, L> R. Green color, broke into multiple pieces. brighter than Venus. Fireworks bright but doubtful it was fireworks from angle and location. yes, 3 distinct breaks into multiple parts. I was on top of Hardscrabble Mtn headed back towards Eagle, CO., driving a remote forest service rd. Angle was as if from 10 Oclock to 4 oclock, and crossed from end to end 80% across my windshield.

23SEP2013 David Loveland, CO 20:30 MDT 7 seconds S-N green glow very bright Very bright No Didn't reach land. I observed it while driving north on I-25 midway between Denver and Ft collind

23SEP2013 Matthew Utah 2030 MST 4 west to east Green Venus+ yes Observed from about 16,000' from cockpit

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Unknown said...

My name is abby, Well walk to my bus stop in benton harbor michigan i saw something green and fast going across the sky around 7:05 am totally caught me by surprise