26 September 2013

Breaking News- MI OH IL WI IN ONT KY MO IA TN Daytime Bolide Meteor 26SEP2013

Breaking News- MI OH IL WI IN ONT KY MO IA TN Daytime Bolide Meteor approx 7:03am EDT/ 0603CDT .26SEP2013
Seen in 9 US States and 1 Canadian Prov. in DAYTIME!
MI OH IL WI IN ONT KY MO IA TN Daytime Bolide Meteor approx   7:03am EDT/ 0603CDT 26SEP2013
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If you witnessed a meteor event PLEASE file a meteor sighting report to help us confirm and improve our detection; thank you!

Please check for security camera and all sky camera captures of this event; help by getting this story out by Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube and your favorite forums and your local media; thank you! 
email video or photos to drtanuki@gmail.com

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
My name is Abby, When walking to my bus stop in benton harbor michigan i saw something green and fast going across the sky around 7:05 am totally caught me by surprise

26SEP2013 Jim Rickner Grand Rapids, Michigan 7:10 Eastern 3 seconds West to South East Green / Blue Very Bringht / fireworks Yes I've never seen one before

26SEP2013 Michelle Wilson Liberty Township, OH 07:05 EST 9 United States White with firetail extremely bright broke apart Fairly large, brief flame tail, then broke apart

26SEP2013 Emerson Davis Indianapolis, Indiana USA 07:03 EST 4 sec I was facing due south and it streaked from right to left Golden Yellow, silent About as bright as moon Yes, fragments stayed directly in line with meteor, directly behind it It was unusually dim for a meteor, however it did have the same speed

26SEP2013 Peter M Mishawaka, IN 7:03am EDT 3 sec W-E across southern sky greenish hue around edge of streak, white in middle. no sound audible from my location brightness similar to full moon in a clear sky Parts not visibly falling off but it did flicker once or twice before going out. Here's what I wrote up shortly after seeing it so I wouldn't forget: "A bright streak, occurring from west to east across the southern sky and lasting 2-3 seconds, was visible this morning between 7:00 and 7:05am EDT. It was observed from SouthPaw Farm, south of Mishawaka, IN (16323 Roosevelt Rd, Mishawaka IN 46544). The streak was very bright and had a slight greenish hue to it, especially around the edges. It maintained steady brightness at first, before fading somehwat and flickering once or twice at the end. The appearance was somewhat like a firework or flare, but given the location and time neither of these seem logical. My best guess is that it was a meteor of some kind."

26SEP2013 John Louisville, KY 7:03:00 10 seconds Facing north, the fireball went west to east Orange blue and green Very bright like fireworks in the sky It seemed to be getting brighter as it fell and appeared to be shedding It freaked me out at first as I wasn't sure what it was. I feared it was a plane that had exploded and burned up. It was huge and very impressive.

26SEP2013 Chris Roush Jasper, IN United States 07:00 AM EDT 3 sec W-E white with blue tail same as moon No Just over the trees at US 231 near S. Witz Rd.

26SEP2013 Kathy Northern Ohio 700 5 sec West to East Orange-Red moon NA - too dark to tell Observed at I-75 mile marker 139 heading southbound. Two other vehicles also saw the event and slowed down while driving.

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