29 September 2013

Breaking News- TN GA NC KY Meteor/s 28SEP2013

Breaking News- TN GA NC KY Meteor/s approx 1940 EDT / 1840 CDT 28SEP2013
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TN GA NC KY Meteor/s approx 1930 EDT / 1830 CDT 28SEP2013
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There is too much variation in times to determine just how many meteor events actually happened.

If you witnessed a meteor event PLEASE file a meteor sighting report to help us confirm and improve our detection; thank you!

Please check for security camera and all sky camera captures of this event; help by getting this story out by Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube and your favorite forums and your local media; thank you! 
email video or photos to drtanuki@gmail.com

Initial meteor Sighting Reports-
LisaGNZ Miller writes,
"About an hour ago; 7:30 p.m. EDT, 9-28-2013, Chickamauga, GA we viewed an apparent large meteor/fireball sighting; traveling west to east; Sparks were coming off and then burned out. Were there any other sightings of this?" Miller/Glenfield

Kristin wites,
"The green fire ball or whatever it was at about 735 on 9/28
I saw it with 2 adult witnesses, one a partial view. Also a child saw it at a birthday party we were all at. I tried to file a report but it wouldn't let me. Possibly because I am on a cell but I hope this gets to the right source.  The object looked like a green flame. Very bright. Super super fast. No sound. We all agree it was no plane and nothing any of us have ever seen before. It was so fast we barely had time to see it before it disappeared into the mountains. It took possibly 3-4 seconds to cross the horizon?" Kristin

28SEP2013 Iman asgari Suwanee, GA Eastern 8:10 pm Aprox 15 to 20 seconds Traveling north/east GREEN!! No sound Almost flare like 4 pieces Traveling really fast

28SEP2013 Elizabeth Davis Chattanooga,Tennessee 19:57 EDT aprox 15 to 20 seconds right to left no sound, white,orange,red,looked like a tadpole moon (would compare it to size of a big full moon) Not that I saw/this was a fireball It was very large (at first I thought it was an airplane on fire) It seemed to move slow and did not look like a shooting star. It moved vertical toward Georgia state line(facing Wilson ST. Chattanooga TN with Ga. State line to my left facing the mountain)

28SEP2013 Darci Charelston, Tn, USA 19:45:00 3 seconds W-E No sound, Very bright Yes No other comments

28SEP2013 Tillery Acworth ga 7:40pm Eastern 5 seconds Right to left. We were facing sourhwest White, orange, blue. No sound Moon Yes None

28SEP2013 Thomas J Simmons Unaka, NC 7:30. PM 5 secs before out of sight behind trees from the NW over Tenn headed SE or south torward Atlanta Blue, with Firey Red long white tail Between Moon and sun, Very Bright yes This was a very large meteor or fireball.

28SEP2013 Roman couillard Mcminnville,TN United States 19:03:00 25 seconds east to west I was facing east no sound like a green white and red fireball with white Tale following really bright color same as moon but alot smaller I didn't see any parts it was like a fire work in sky with no noise like a missle it was crazy I was behind wal mart in mcminnville tn I was watching for a good couple second I was shocked and trying to get my friend to look didn't think about a picture

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SuperNerd said...

Saw this same fireball had a great view of the entire trail of it. Did not note the time but it was just starting to get dark so around 7:30

My son said hey look at that UFO I said no that's a meteorite it come into view. My porch faces west and it came from the northern post on my porch and went across my house to the south eastren corner and broke up into a few other pieces which were leaving their own trails. Just a few seconds after it broke up it stopped leaving the trail but I could still see the object for a few seconds.