30 September 2013

VA MD DE Meteor 29SEP2013

VA MD DE Meteor approx. 1910 EDT 29SEP2013
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VA MD DE Meteor approx. 1910 EDT 29SEP2013
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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
29SEP2013 Alvin Hubbard cambridge maryland usa 19:18 right 10 seconds right to left no sound orange like campfire bright look like pieces falling off looked very close no photo

29SEP2013 Vishak Hemchand Fairfax,VA,USA 19:15 EDT 5 Sec 66 NE Bright yellow Venus Yes None

29SEP2013 Laura Colombi Oakton, VA, 22124 19:15 PM EST 3 seconds Moving South to North No colors, just bright white and breaking up at the end. Same as a bright moon- a very, very bright shooting star Yes None

29SEP2013 D. Stokes Arlington, Virginia, USA 1909 EDT 3 sec Right to Left facing E-NE white Venus Yes Fragments appeared immediately after sighting..

29SEP2013 Aaron Yorktown, VA United States 1900 2 to 3 seconds NNE Bright white venus yes I noticed it as i walked it could have lasted longer but it went in behind some trees.

29SEP2013 kathy middletown DE 19:00:00 10-15 sec from my right to left travelling west towards MD bright white trailing dusk but bright! yes from end i was driving

MBIQ Sampled Data-
Poquoson, Virginia arrived from google.com on "Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News: Breaking News - NH ME NY RI PA VA QC and NC Meteor 28SEP2013" by searching for reports of fallen meteor over virginia, sep 29, 2013.10:20:10 -- 1 minute ago

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