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25 March 2014

Brazil Breaking News - Brasil Fireball Meteor 23MAR2014 with video

Brazil Breaking News - Brasilia, State: Distrito FederalBrasil Fireball Meteor 21:31:51 Local 23MAR2014 with video from BRAMON ALL SKY NETWORK  VERY LIKELY METEORITES PRODUCED!!!!
Brasil Breaking News - Brasília, Estado: Distrito Federal, Brasil Bólido Meteor 21:31:51 23MAR2014 local com vídeo de Bramon ALL SKY NETWORK Meteoritos muito provável PRODUZIDO!! 

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Brasil Fireball Meteor All Sky Capture  23MAR2014
Marcelo Domingues catches a beautiful fireball tonight, I got it too but only the small part of the beggining of the trajectory among the clouds.
Brasilia, State: Distrito Federal.
The local time is 21:31:51 hours - 23 - mar - 2014
Camera Coordinates: 15.7° South, 47.9 west.Credit- Marcelo Domingues, BRAMON AllSKY Network Brasil

Breaking News: Brasil Meteor Fireball Lights Up the Night Sky
Posted to YouTube by nemesis maturity 10 views
Thank you Elias for the video!
Meteoro - 24-03-2014 - 00:51:31 UTC // 23MAR2014 Local
Posted to YouTube by Marcelo Domingues 1 view
Published on 24 Mar 2014
Meteoro capturado pelas duas câmeras do Observatório Carina.
Vídeo 1 - Câmera VE-6047EF/OSD
Vídeo 2 - Câmera KT&C KPC SLL650BH

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