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28 September 2013

Brasil Meteorite Fall 23SEP2013 photos and video

Vicência, Pernambuco, Brasil Meteorite Fall 23SEP2013 w/photos and video
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Meteorite crashed in a small village in Brazil:
A suspected meteorite crashed in town Rubber, Vicenza district, North Forest in Pernambuco, and is worrying farmers in the region. The object had fallen from the sky on the evening of last Monday (23).Although seem unlikely, since Wednesday (25), and until the 25th of November, happens a meteor shower, known as Oriônidas in space. The phenomenon occurs when the Earth crosses the orbit of Halley's Comet, taken as the origin of rock fragment. Rain records a typical rate 20-25 meteors per hour - which can be seen on a dark night and clear skies. Inside, the resident who found the material not resist and kept the "burnt stone" of 1.2 pound home. The information was confirmed late on Thursday (26) by the Mayor of Vicenza, Paulo Tadeu. ...more,464618/suposto-meteorito-cai-em-povoado-de-vicencia.shtml

"Meteorito cai no Povoado de Borracha / Vicência-PE
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These photos give a better impression:


Meteorite fall in Vicência, Pernambuco, Brasil, 23rd September ? 
According to Brasilian news reports and social media entries there has been a new mmeteorite fall in Brasil:


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Some new images of the meteorite with better resolution:

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