07 September 2010

Santander Columbia Meteor News Video Reports

RCN News 9am Sep 6.wmv

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Monday September 6, 2010 TV Colombia Newscast.
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Meteorito en Santander.
( Asteroid/meteorite Impact in Colombia-Santander)

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El 5 de Septiembre del 2010 cayo un meteorito en Santander.

Asteroid/meteorite Impact in Colombia - Impacto de Asteroide/Meteorito en Santander Colombia

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There's not an official version about the exact type of object that fell down from the sky but helicopters are surrounding the zone in order to take pictures or a better insight of the place of the collision. Too bad I could not see the strange object (my father and some friends did) but I could hear the crazy strange explosion and the echo it did produce.

No hay una versión oficial sobre el tipo de artefacto que cayó del cielo, se dice que fué un bólido. Helicopteros y equipos de búsqueda investigan en la zona. Aunque lamentablemente no pude ver cuando cruzaba por el cielo (mi papá y unos amigos si lo vieron) si pude oír la extraña explosión que retumbo como un trueno con un eco.



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Nos quieren quitar la sede de la caída del meteoro


Big Fireball Cross Colombia

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A big fireball crossed Colombia Santander city with a huge explosion that was hear in 4 cities, people still don`t know what it is


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great coverage from multipe sources - thanks!!

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An asteroid would hit Columbia soon.