24 September 2010

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Fireball seen over Santa Fe likely a meteor

New Mexican
A bright "significant" fireball seen passing near Santa Fe and Pecos last night was likely a meteor, according to an Eldorado astronomer observer who caught ...

Mars rover will look at possible meteorite

22 (UPI) -- The Mars Rover Opportunity snapped an image of a rock on the planet's surface that may be a meteorite and is being sent to investigate, ...

Google Earth Search Leads to Meteorite Impact Site Discovery in Egyptian Desert

Space Ref (press release)
A 2008 Google Earth search led to the discovery of Kamil crater, one of the best-preserved meteorite impact sites ever found. Earlier this year, a gritty, ...

Sandia National Laboratories meteor video

The all-sky camera at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque captured a large meteor streaking across the sky Tuesday night.

NASA rover finds another possible meteorite on Mars
MSNBC Wed, 22 Sep 2010 09:44 AM PDT
NASA's plucky Mars rover Opportunity has discovered what appears to be another meteorite on the surface of the Red Planet, bringing its lifetime total to five so far.Space.com: Mars - Mars rover - Red Planet - Opportunity rover - Space

Rare meteorite discovered in rural southern Oregon
The Oregonian Tue, 21 Sep 2010 18:40 PM PDT
Chemical analysis has determined that the 63.6 gram (about 2 ounces) space rock belongs to the IIF iron meteorite group, which includes only eight other recognized meteorites across the globe, said Lyn Craig of Fossil, executive director of the nonprofit Libraries of Eastern Oregon. The libraries, with funding help from NASA, have sponsored Pugh to speak to more than four dozen public libraries ...

Martian meteorite grabs NASA Mars rover's attention
Network World Wed, 22 Sep 2010 09:32 AM PDT
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity will take a small detour on its current journey to check out what could be a toaster-sized iron-based meteorite that crashed into the red planet.... Read more

Oppyâs New Meteorite Find (in 3-D!)
Universe Today Wed, 22 Sep 2010 07:10 AM PDT
The Opportunity rover has done it again â found another strange-looking rock sitting on Meridiani Planum, and it looks like another meteorite. âThe dark color, rounded texture and the way it is perched on the surface all make it look like an iron meteorite,â said Matt Golombek from the MER science team. Unofficially named [...]

Opportunity finds possible meteorite
PhysOrg Wed, 22 Sep 2010 06:28 AM PDT
(PhysOrg.com) -- Images that NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity took at the end of an 81-meter (266-foot) drive on Sept. 16 reveal a dark rock about 31 meters (102 feet) away. The rover's science team has decided to go get a closer look at the toaster-sized rock and determine whether it is an iron meteorite....

Mars Rover Spies a Possible Meteorite
Discovery News Wed, 22 Sep 2010 05:53 AM PDT
Mars rover Opportunity will make a pit stop to get a closer look at the toaster-sized rock....

Ore. meteorite generating interest

The Columbian
Now he's learned it's actually a thumb-size meteorite that's generating interest from scientists around the world. Dick Pugh of the Cascadia Meteorite ...

It came from outer space: Rare meteorite discovered in Oregon

Now, the thumb-sized "Fitzwater Pass meteorite" that he picked up in 1976 while hunting for agates and jasper is generating interest from scientists ...

Terry Pratchett's Self-Made Meteorite Sword
Slashdot Tue, 21 Sep 2010 07:37 AM PDT
jamie writes "Fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett says he was so excited after being knighted by the Queen that he decided to make his own sword to equip himself for his new status... the author dug up 81kg of ore and smelted it in the grounds of his house, using a makeshift kiln built from clay and hay and fueled with damp sheep manure. ...

Sir Terry Pratchett's Self-Made Meteorite Sword Is the Closest We Get to Excalibur [Swords]
Gizmodo Mon, 20 Sep 2010 20:10 PM PDT
# swords Terry Pratchett may write a mean fantasy novel, but he also forges one heckuva sword. In honor of being knighted last year, Sir Pratchett dug up 175 pounds of iron ore, sprinkled in some meteorites, and made himself a proper weapon. ...

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