22 September 2010

Major Bolide Meteor Fireball 23 Seconds Duration Texas, New Mexico, Colorado 21SEP2010

Major Asteroid Debris Passes? or Hits?
Bolide Meteor Fireball 23-Second Duration Texas, New Mexico, Colorado 21SEP2010

"EVENT 3"- 23 Seconds!!! Multple Bolide Event 9:03MDT 21SEP2010
(03:03 UTC 22SEP2010) Event 3 of 4 reported
written and reported by Jim Gamble (El Paso) and Dirk Ross (Tokyo)
All RightsReserved LunarMeteorite*Hunters 12:03p 22 SEP2010 Tokyo
Contact for publication: drtanuki@gmail.com

Allsky cameras throughout New Mexico captured a major bolide(s)/meteor fireball(s) at approximately 9:03 pm MDT (03:03 UTC). The fireball was traveling SSE to NNW, one of which flew directly over Albuquerque, NM producing sonic booms as reported by Thomas Ashcraft of the Ashcraft All Sky Meteor Observatory in Santa Fe, NM.
The "Event 3" was visually observed from El Paso All Sky Camera in El Paso, Texas by Jim Gamble. Initial estimates place the magnitude of the event at a -11 (nearly as bright as the full moon).
"Event 3", captured by the Ashcraft Observatory had a duration of 23 seconds with no terminal detonation detected, even though sonic booms were reported.
Additional data/video from Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM. and New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. will be released later when available.
Reports on Events 1, 2, and 4 are posted, please see Jim Gamble`s Website @ http://www.elpasoallsky.blogspot.com/

Asteroid Debris Bolide Event #3 Video

Video Credit: Thomas Ashcraft (c) 2010 ALL Rights Reserved
TX, NM, CO "Event 3" Asteroid Bolide 21SEP2010

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terminalblue said...

Whoa. I saw it while sitting outside sitting on my front porch. Looked less like the traditional shooting star and more like a firework which I thought it was until I realized it was lasting way too long and moving way too slow to be close.

About 2 minutes later I heard a low and long rumble which I can only assume was the sonic shock wave finally reaching us.

I've seen lots of meteors but never heard one before... it was totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

Let me throw in the caveat that the radar data shown here shows something that acts like meteorites and appears at the right time, but is not necessarily a meteorite fall. Until the location can be corroborated using other techniques, I'd consider it only a "possible" meteorite fall location.
-Marc Fries